How often do you swap out your funded Wish Farm items for new ones?

Hello all!

I've fallen in love with the idea of the Wish Farm and Wish List and have implemented it for myself and for my partner. So far we've hit our first Wish Farm item, which were tickets to a fireworks show coming up soon. Yay! So, I've swapped out that item for a different Small wish, but then got to wondering...

How often do you swap out your funded wish farm items for new ones? Mostly I've been concerned about it for the small ones. Ours range from $10-$100 (where I live, $10 is a sizable chunk of money when converted, hence why it's there rather than just accounted for in a 'Wants' budget.) My worry is that I might end up spending more, because what if we easily had enough a certain month to fund one small wish (say, a $5 one), then swap it out that week for another $5 one, then fund that one not long after? Won't I just end up spending willy-nilly anyway? Do you wait until the month is over before you put in a new small wish, or do you swap them out as long as it's been funded?

Hope I made sense... I just don't want to make excuses and burn through our money!

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  • Good question! I'd like the answer to this as well :)

  • Hi Apple Cinnamon Capybara !

    The key is to make sure those Wish Farm items are funded, but aren't treated as a priority. For instance, if you have $100 and need Groceries, you'd want to budget there before putting funds towards your Wish Farm. It's up to you to define the priorities for any extra funds - do you already save a certain amount each month? Are you putting an amount towards any debt? Would you rather add to savings or buy a small Wish List item? Your budget is meant to suit your priorities, so you can adjust to cover what's import to you. :)

    When you have a moment, watch our video on How To Create a Budget Template or take a look at the Set Up Your Budget Workshop. I think outlining those priorities so you know what's left will really help!

  • I swap my wish as soon as I've bought whatever it was. But I only fund the wish farm once a month while doing the monthly budget, so there's no risk I would unexpectedly spend more there. I have a set Wish Farm amount of money to separate between the wishes every month. Some people only move "leftovers" (e.g. if you spent less than expected on groceries or eating out at the end of the month) as a reward. I don't like the hassle of selling stuff online so when I do manage to sell something, I usually put the earnings in the wish farm (I only have inexpensive things to sell though, I might handle it differently otherwise). All up to you 🙂 It took me a few months to figure out a system that works for me, it's fine to play with different options and then stick to rules that give you both a sense of happiness without breaking the bank or causing you to spend more. Good luck!!

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