Paid my Rent Early....

So In December I paid my rent early on my in my budget it looks like I paid twice in december and in January my Rent line is all Yellow and wanting money... and I want to scream at it....I paid it last month!!! Please dont be yellow!!!!


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  • Is it yellow because you have a monthly goal? You can just remove the goal for that category during the month of January, and it won't affect other months.

    • Gray Admiral how  do you remove a goal for a month? 

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      Tomato Drill Click forward to the following month, edit the goal, and simply click 'OK' again.  What happens behind the scenes is YNAB recreates the goal with a starting month of the one selected.


      Will add that I do not use monthly goals for bills for this reason.  My monthlies are too random for that, so I just used scheduled transactions at the budgeted last month quick budget feature.

  • It's not yellow because you paid it last month, it's yellow because you haven't yet reserved money for a payment at the end of Jan (for the Feb. rent).

    • dakinemaui  ok.... I guess that makes sense.. Kinda... but I m use to it being just grey each month... on the 1st income comes in and it goes out the same day for rent...  and my goals got put to the side to pay off the credit card to save's like my whole budget is YELLING AT ME!!!!  when I really am being smart.

    • Hi Tomato Drill ! Congratulations on working ahead!

      The color of your Available amount signals when action or attention is needed to keep you on track—or just to remind you that you're doing great! Here’s an article that covers the meaning of each color and icon.

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