I am unable to mark a transaction as uncleared

Clicking on the lock has no effect; selecting the transaction and going to the edit menu shows the "mark as uncleared" option dimmed. Why is this, and what can I do about it? I need to edit the information in the transaction (specificlally the memo).



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  • Cleared has a Green C. If you see a lock, the transaction has been reconciled. Reconciled means locked down because it's been verified as accurate... which means there should be no need to unclear it.

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  • I have discovered the reason, which appears to me to be a ui bug. I had a pending add transaction line open. It does not always, but sometimes--enough for me to figure out what is going on--blink the cancel/save buttons when I try to click on a column in another transaction. The bigger bug is that the UI will allow me to select other transactions' checkboxes while that add transaction function is open, also select the edit menu, and make certain selections, e.g. under the categorize sub-menu (although it does not make any changes to the data as far as I can tell). 

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    • Hi Cyan Drum !

      If you haven't already, would you mind submitting a Bug Report for that issue. That way we can make sure it's on our bug team's radar. :)

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  • You can edit the memo without unclearing the transaction.

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