Deferred income category - best practices?

Hi! I just started using YNAB a few weeks ago and am thinking about the the best way to fund January’s budget from my deferred income category. (I have an irregular income and have set up a single deferred income category into which I put the money I’ll need for the next x months). Do I just move January’s amount from the deferred income category to TBB and then budget for my January categories? For cleanest reports, should I do this on Dec 31 or Jan 1? Thanks!

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  • Do it in the January budget, but it doesn't matter on what date you do it. The reports will show the inflow when the inflow happened, and the outflows when the outflows happened. The budget is irrelevant to reporting. 

    • WordTenor when you say on the January budget, what do you mean? Do you mean move the funds from the December overflow to TBB while on the January page? (I know I would have to do that for allocating)

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       Eucalyptus forest Make the “withdrawal” in the month you plan to budget the money. You can fund the category when you get the money, either in full or partially (if you’re applying a portion to the current month’s budget).  I have several deferred income categories and it’s a great way to keep my budget and spending in check. Just release the portion with a negative amount to TBB and then budget like a paycheck to that month. 

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