Any way to change the colours

Sorry, but I'm really hating the new muted colours which don't really stand out at all.  Is there any setting for users to revert to the older, brighter ones?

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  • Yeah, the new colors are harder to see and do not emote the energy that the bold colors conveyed.

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  • Agree. The old colors were better. The new ones don't pop like the old.

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  • Maybe it's a matter of getting used to it, but at first glance I also prefer the old colours over the new ones. I find the new ones actually harder to read than before.

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  • Completely agree! Dislike these muted colors. I NEED the original, bolder colors back!

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  • Your best bet is to ask the Toolkit developers for a way to customize your colors.  The YNAB organization is incredibly unresponsive to real customer needs, and prefers a "one size fits all" solution that works for some anonymous decision maker who never reads the forum or talks to users in the field.

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  • I logged in this morning and HATE the new color scheme. I am not sure who told the developers that this offers increased contrast, but I think the new muted colors are much more difficult to see at a glance. It looks like a bunch of pastel-colored Easter eggs. We really need a way to revert the colors back to the old style ASAP...this is brutal.

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  • Hi Purple Vacuum !

    Thanks so much for your feedback on our new color scheme. It’s really good to know that you’d like to see the option to customize and choose your own budget colors! Customization is definitely on our radar, and we understand that everyone has different preferences. I'll be sure to pass along your request to our designers. 

    As we mentioned in our blog post, this update is part of an ongoing project and the first of many updates and improvements.

    Let us know if you have any other questions in the meantime. We’re happy to help!

  • My personal opinion is not to be able to choose any color we'd like, just a choice between the old color or new color. 

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