Can moving money between categories look like a transaction even though there is no account involved?

I would like to be able to see a history of money "moves" from TTB (or another category) into my savings fund category. If I use the Move Money tool or just change the budget amount, there is no way to make a note to myself or to see a history of these moves (that I can find). Is it possible?

Here is the scenario: I worked overtime and have input my paycheck. I use the gross as TTB, and I split out the withholdings, leaving the net deposit as the amount left in TBB and in my checking account. With each paycheck that has overtime, I want to put the "and a half" extra pay into my "RV Savings Fund" category. 

When I added that amount & category to the split, the deposit to checking amount or the gross amount was off (depending on what I tried).

I'd like to have a recurring budget move with memo/note/comment area so I can see which paydays including RV Savings Fund money.



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  • I just figured this out myself. Instead of deleting, I'm going to leave this here for someone else.

    Instead of putting the gross amount in TBB, I made one more split with the inflow amount being what I want in the savings fund. Then the TBB split inflow is reduced by that same amount, making the inflow and outflow totals match, and the deposit to my checking account is correct, too.

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      • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
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      Pezimaniac Have you taken a look at what this will do to your reports? You're going to make a mess of them.

  • I like the concept of this feature for a different reason, which I don't think your solution will work for.  I have "slush fund" categories for me and my wife, and sometimes I want to transfer money from or to those categories, but I want a record of it so I know why the slush fund was bigger or smaller in a given month.

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  • I just started with YNAB this month and I found myself wishing it had something like this as well, especially as I'm experimenting with different options.  Having a more formal history of what was moved from which categories and when and why would be helpful for "undo" purposes —I keep messing up my budget and then accidentally refreshing the app, losing all my undo history.

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    • Hi Forest Green Viper !

      Have you had the chance to submit a Feature Request? That will let our development team know you'd like to see that tracking option. :)

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