A little more debt: vanquished!

It's been a tough year financially, since we went from two incomes to one. But we got a big tax return this year and have been planning carefully what to do with it. Today I took a big chunk of it and paid off one credit card, paid off the fridge we've been paying for in installments, and got a second (interest-free) credit card down to $400. The first card and the fridge account for about $600/month from our regular budget. $600/month of breathing room... aaaaahhhhhh.

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  • wahoo congrats way to go!

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  • That is AWESOME, C.O.O.D.!!!  Keep at it, and keep posting your achievements, that gives us newbies some much needed wind beneath our financial wings!!!!  (...I can't believe I went there!!!  XP)

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      YNAB noobie And now I am singing that ridiculous song... whatever works for all of us!

  • Hooray for you! 💐☀️🎉

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  • Congrats, that extra breathing room has got to feel SO good!!!! :)

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