How to budget a transfer

I would like to budget for regular transfers between 2 on-budget accounts. Is that possible? How would I set them up?


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  • More details: I have Business and Personal category groups on my budget. Their Available category balances match the current balances in my Business and Personal checking accounts.

  • Add a transaction where you want to transfer from, for payee select account you want to transfer to from the drop down menu, then enter amount.  Transfer accounts are listed first.  For date, chose when you want the first to occur, then chose recurring schedule you'd like.  Basically the same as a regular transaction, except you chose transfer and no category (because it's not spending, just moving your money).

  • Thanks TryingToGetAhead !

    I think this problem is unique to us sole proprietors who must keep business separate from personal spending. 

    I took your advice above and set up a weekly scheduled transfer from my business account to my personal account. The point is to accumulate enough in my personal checking account for tax payments - 11 per year for sole proprietors 😵 

    When you said "move money," I realized I could simultaneously move the transfer amount from a business category (Transfer to Tax Payments) to a number of personal categories with different target date goals (Federal Tax, State Tax, Local Tax, Personal Property Tax, Business Personal Property Tax).

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