How do you make suggestions for the developers? I have 2 issues

1) Since I recently switched over from YNAB4, I've been attending some classes. The presenters change screens so fast, I can't tell what they are doing. So they will say "Just click on_____ and enter___ and your done!" Meanwhile the screen has changed and I'm not sure how they got there and I"ve totally missed the whole point of the message. I'm still on "How did you get there?" Is there anyway to make the cursor BIGGER and RED or something? The cursor is white and flying fast across the screen.  

2) Under "category" in YNAB4 after you did a split, you could close the split so that only the total showed on the transaction. Now the individual amounts show up with no way to hide them.  When glancing down the page, it looks like they are all separate transactions. Confusing and untidy.

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  • I think you've possible posted in a section that isn't often looked at by the Customer Service people. Maybe post over in the Q&A section where those Reps seem to live.

  • If you install the toolkit, I think there is an option to “toggle” splits. The toolkit adds back a lot of features that were not carried over from YNAB4.

  • Hi Blue Camera !

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write in here. I'm going to pass your feedback regarding the workshops along to our education team and your request regarding split transactions to our design team. It's very helpful for us to know! 

    Let us know if you have anything else to add :) 

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      Janelle I would like to see the ability to collapse split transactions too, as well as an indicator on the current month that I stole from the future and the ability to restore a saved export file.  Thanks.

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  • I'm adding another plus for collapsing splits, it's very confusing to me to see all the numbers at once for reconciling my accounts. 

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  • Hi all!

    We recently created a Feature Request form - which we talk about in this announcement. That form goes directly to our development team so you can tell them exactly what you'd like to see going forward! :)

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