Hit my goal 7 months early!!

YNAB win!! We’d been using YNAB for a couple of months when I realized - thanks to paying more attention to our finances overall - that we were paying $75/mo PMI. I contacted our lender re: our options and learned we could drop it in January ‘18 if we made about $10k in extra principal payments, saving us $2k in the long run. With our financial planner’s blessing I cleared out our wish farm (and shaved a little off the top of our EF to get a head start) and started adding every extra penny I could find to the PMI Payoff category with the goal of dropping PMI next May. 

Today - 7 months ahead of schedule - I budgeted my paycheck and met my goal! Starting in a few months our mortgage will drop by $75/mo AND since we’ve paid down the principal so much we’re also sending about $30 more of each monthly payment to principal. 

Time to celebrate by feeding our fun money categories a little (then back to the EF & buffer)...so thankful for the clarity YNAB has given us about what the most important jobs are for our dollars!

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  • Way to go! 👊🏼 One of my favorite parts of paying something off is the motivation to keep going! I know I get lazy and need these reminders. 

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  • That is so awesome! Congrats! It is so wonderful to see how your finances are doing and then make changes today to make a huge impact next year! Enjoy that extra cash and knocking down that principle!👍

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  • awesome!!!!!

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