Return Credit with Credit Cards

When entering a credit (inflow) from a return in the appropriate credit card account, are you now able to set the category to the original category used when the item was purchased (outflow)?

At one point this wasn't working correctly, but I've heard a couple mentions that it is fixed.

If it is fixed and you can budget the credit inflow to the original category, does this work in all circumstances (i.e. credit is in different month or credit goes to a separate credit card)?

I prefer to do it this way (as opposed to the original fix - budgeting the credit inflow to "To Be Budgeted) since it, in theory, should self-correct my reporting to show actual spending.

I believe this may impact people tracking credit card points as well, but that does not apply since my Amazon points just reduce my Amazon purchase prices.

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  • Hey there! You're exactly right! You can now categorize returns back to the original category - no matter the month! And you can move money between your Credit Card Payment categories if needed. Just make sure to do a quick reconciliation in both credit card accounts when you're finished :) 

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