A really simple solution for multi user budgets

Ever since nYNAB came out, I've been requesting on all channels only one feature... the ability to share a budget with someone else.

Here is the thing: I have my own personal budget, my family budget that I want to share with my wife, and my business budget that I want to share with my partner.

I know there is some complication to achieve this, but this week something came to my mind which will solve this issue once and for all.

Ready? Here it is...

Allow us to set a password to enter a budget.

That way I can share my account with whomever I want and only with the password will they be able to access the budgets.

Seriously, I need a solution to this ASAP, I love nYNAB, but the inability to share the a budget really limit how I'm using it. It's excellent for personal budgets, but when there's more than one person in it, nYNAB is not really reliable.

Even more, we used to have this feature back in YNAB4, but lost it in the all new, all better nYNAB.

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  • Hey lovely YNAB team.  I'm new to the product and have been using it devotedly for January and February.  From September through December I was using Every Dollar but your product blows that away.  I'm not a big fan of paying for things (ha, I'm on a budget) but your product probably pays for the entire year's subscription in what I save in a single month.  Compliments over....  I too would like to be able to have multi-user support.  Unless you are single, no one operates their budget in a vacuum.  My husband would stop going over so much on groceries if he had easier access to the budget.  I just got 1Password family subscription. I suggest you take a look at their model for access.  5 people in a family, all with their own logins and the organizer controls which vaults each user has access to.  That model would be perfect for YNAB.  You could have two levels of subscription pricing, single and family.  Thanks.

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    • Alice Blue Mixer Welcome to YNAB and to the forum - I'm happy to hear it's making a difference for you!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this and the suggestion! I can't say for certain how we'll implement multi-user features, but they're in the works! Hopefully, we'll have more updates on this in the near future! :)

  • Hi YNAB! I´m not native English speaking so please accept my appollogies for my language.

    I have the same problem with multiple budgets and trying to find some solution to it. As i read in this topic, there was a big request in the past for multiple budget security feature as budget password .  Your app is great, but i need to point out that i´m disappointed that 2 years is not enough for implementing such a crucial feature. Yes, there is an option to buy two subscriptions, but isn´t it the opposite way of what you´re teaching?  to save money? I think f

    Anyway, is there a chance that YNAB would implement this long awaited feature in the near future, i mean this year 2020?

    Thank you in advance

    • Maroon Panther No need to apologize - we're happy you're here! :)

      I can't offer a timeline for our planned improvements to make multi-use easier to manage in YNAB. However, I can say that we're actively working on these changes and we hope to have an update in the near future! I'm not certain if this will be a password-enabled option, but I'll be sure to share once we have more details!

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