Option not there to add 2nd checking account?

Hello! I just started my trial of YNAB, and it looks great! However - when I try to add accounts from my credit union, my personal checking account is not listed as an account option to add. It only has the joint checking account with my husband listed. Is there a way to work around this issue? If I can't get both checking accounts linked, then I won't be able to utilize YNAB. Thanks! 

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  • It is possible to operate YNAB without linked accounts. None of my accounts are linked and I enter all transactions. I've never had to make an adjustment transaction for more than $0.03 since I started in 2014 and that was in a cash account so no linking possible. YNAB was designed for manual entry to be your primary method of entry with bank import a back-up method for double checking.

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  • Hi Maroon Python !

    I know you mentioned that account is under your husband's name. Do you both have accounts at the credit union? If so, do you have separate logins or are all of the accounts under the same credentials? I'm seeing several account connections, including a checking account - are you able to see those on your end?

    • Faness thanks for your response! I see all of the other accounts...savings, car loan, etcetera...but the only one missing from that list is my personal checking account. I can access all accounts, including my personal checking account, from the lig in i used to sync my accounts. 

    • Maroon Python   Sorry for the delay! I took another look and that Checking account is now showing as connected, but the bank connection needs to be re-authorized. If you try to connect, it should ask you a security question or prompt a security code - once that's entered, it should be back up and running! :) 

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