How Have I Overspent?

When I click ahead in May to start planning for some upcoming expenses YNAB states in the top section that I overspent in the month of April by 1289.84 (see attached screenshot). But when I look at the right-side column it states I budgeted last month 11,721.97 but spent 11,002.88. If I spent less then I budgeted, then how did I overspend by 1289.84?


Thank you in advance for any insight or help.

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  • If you have categories you spent from that didn't have enough budgeted, you overspent. It doesn't matter if other categories had the money to cover it. If you mean for that money to cover it, you can and should move the money from the other categories. 

    Example: You have $5000. You budget $100 to category A and $4900 to category B. You then spend $150 in category A. Category A is now $50 overspent until you actually move money from Category B. 

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      WordTenor Thank you. Makes sense.

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  • Hi DocDax !

    WordTenor is absolutely right! If you go back to April and cover any Red or Yellow Available amounts in your categories, it'll fix the negative you're seeing in May. :)

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