Direct Banking Connections Unreliable

The primary reason I moved towards nYNAB was because of Direct Connections to import my transactions automatically.

Unfortunately, it's been a hot mess. The reliability of the connections are extremely poor and I think YNAB needs to seek out a new third party to handle these direct connections.

Every 4-6 weeks, my AMEX Canada direct connections break. TD Canada Trust has been down for almost 2 months now and it's disappointing to say the least.

Do we have any long term solutions that will soon be implemented to handle these issues on a more permanent basis then just temporarily fixing them every few weeks? I realize that we are at the mercy of the F.I's and changes they make to their websites but if the third part company YNAB is using to handle these aren't able to adapt to the changes more quickly, it really takes away the benefits of direct connection.


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  • Hi Jagstyles !

    We've made direct import improvements one of our top priorities for the year. We know it's an important feature to users and one that holds a lot of weight concerning convenience and whether you choose to continue subscribing. We're looking into a number of alternatives to make this a better experience going forward. 

    I can't give an exact timeline, but we're working on it! :)

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    • Faness you mentioned 4 months ago that direct import was one of your top priorities of the year. Is there an update on this because based on the issues I’m having and based on support email response I received and based other comments here, it’s all sounding like lip service. I’m sure there is work being done on it but regular delays or reconnection requests from some of the largest banks says to me that either the banks dont care about YNAB or this in fact is not as high a priority. And I’m sure there are a million technical reasons for it that are complex but your customers could care less about that. YNAB concept is great and app is slick but it seems like you guys are failing on the fundamentals. How long can you keep saying “we are working on it” for something as fundamental as importing transaction? 

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    • Tomato Device And let me add that I'm being a harsh critic because I actually quite like YNAB...otherwise I probably wouldn't take the time to write the above. I have 3 accounts setup for direct import. BofA checking account, Amex credit card and Capital One credit card. And ALL of them have connection issues on a regular basis. BofA hasn't connected in 2 days, Amex which never gave any trouble before has now been showing delayed for last 14 hours and Cap One requires authentication every single time. I can live with Cap One issue if there's nothing YNAB can do about it (as per support ticket response) but BofA and Amex too now?! Should I throw in the towel and move on or is there any real hope here? If there isn't, just tell us so that we can move on instead of wasting time and getting unnecessarily frustrated... 

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    • @Faness see above...

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    • Hi Tomato Device !

      Sorry for the delay here! We appreciate you speaking up - the passion you have for YNAB means a lot and it helps us pinpoint where we need to improve!

      I took a look and I'm now seeing all of the accounts you mentioned successfully connected. We know direct import isn't perfect, but most issues should resolve themselves within 48 hours. When you see a Delayed status, it means we checked for transactions and the bank's response was essentially "Try Again Later". Our system does try again later, but it can take some time for things to come through and you'll see Delayed in the meantime.

      If you're having trouble for more than 48 hours, after transactions have cleared your bank, let us know and we can take a closer look! :)

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  • Also can't connect to TD Canada Trust. Hopefully this will be solved soon. Your service seems attractive, but without the direct import, I am not sure of its utility for me. 

    Good luck with the fix!

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    • Thank you Pink Horn ! :)

      Our Direct Import partner is hard at work fixing the TD Bank issue. It put a number of banking and budgeting apps in a pickle, but we're hoping it'll be back up and running soon! 

      If you have any questions, or if there's anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to let me know!

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  • RBC (Georgia) is also not working.

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  • Almost 3 Months now with this TD Issue.  That is a whole quarter for the most important feature in nYNAB.  It really is becoming unacceptable

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  • Tell me about it! I'm now looking at alternatives to nYNAB. There's no point having nYNAB in my eyes if it can't even handle automatic direct importing from banks as it's the primary feature that made it worthwhile.

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  • What about ? I want to be able to get transactions fed from them. Are you adding them?

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    • Hi Gray Mill !

      I see Alterna Savings is already supported ( ). Is that the same bank?

      If not, I hope you’ll take a moment to suggest it in the app, if you haven’t already! We share that information with our Direct Import partner, although we can't guarantee if/when a bank might be added. In the meantime, try File Based Import, which allows you to drag-and-drop a file of transactions from your bank into YNAB.

      Still, we know Direct Import can be a big factor in budgeting decisions. We'd love to hear what ends up working best for you!

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  • Not the same bank. I'm talking about . File based import won't be helpful. Need actually auto import,

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    • Gray Mill It doesn't look like Alterna is supported currently. You can submit a request to have it added and we'll pass that along to our Direct Import partner! :)

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  • I have been having trouble with Red Canoe CU for the last month. Worked great for a couple months and has now stopped. I unlinked and relinked my accounts and it still will not import. The CU says that I have logged in with YNAB but the program just keeps asking for log in questions.


    Very disappointed.

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    • Hi Cadet Blue Cartridge !

      At the moment, it looks like it’s waiting for you to answer your security questions again.

      You should be able to click the “Import(!)" button at the top of your account register, and answer your authentication questions (if there are any to answer) from there.

      If it still won’t connect, can you let me know if anything is amiss with the authentication questions (i.e. a one-time passcode you don’t ever receive, or a question you don’t recognize)? Then I can let our Direct Import partner know!

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  • I have answered them, again and again. They are correct because I can look at the answers at the  credit union. The credit union website says that I have logged in with YNAB, but YNAB just keeps asking me the same login questions again and again.  

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    • Miss Ann Cash Since that didn't do the trick, I think we'll need to put our Direct Import partner on the case! I've sent you a quick email with a few more details. :)

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