Invalid UUIDs for Transaction Ids

I noticed that when requesting a list of transactions for a given budget using the endpoint<budgetid>/transactions, I'm getting back invalid UUIDs for some of the transactions. It appears to be related to recurring transactions, where the ID looks to be some shared UUID for a given recurring transaction concatenated with the date of the particular instance of that recurring transaction. See the attached screenshot as an example. Is this expected? The documentation (as well as the swagger spec) seems to indicate that the ID should in-fact be a UUID.

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  • Blue Trumpet (c258b29b3776) - You're right!  These should be marked as strings, not UUIDs.  I'll get a fix in.

    • Brady  Hi Brady, I've come across the same problem with a "transfer_transaction_id" appearing with an underscore + date suffix and causing pyswagger to choke.


      Maybe this one also needs marking as a plain string?
      Spec says: 

      transfer_transaction_id* string($uuid)
    • Tomato Deer Yep - good call.  I'll get an update in.  Thanks for letting us know!

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