YNAB -- Credit Card Transaction Problems......

I've been using YNAB for four months, and have radically transformed the way my family handles money, and eliminated CC dept. (Yippie!) 

Few days ago I had to make a purchase and put it on the CC, unavoidable.  Now, I am at a loss with wth YNAB did to the budget category / CC account, and how to deal with it.


217.55 in category in question.  Purchase of 465.26.  Imported the transaction and categorized it correctly.    Category now shows a yellow -242.15.  CC category is showing ???  Positive inflow ??? and an available balance of 359.73 for payment all of a sudden.

If I make a payment to zero the CC balance, the overspent category in question is still negative, CC actual balance is zero, and CC Category is showing a positive balance ??


What in the heck is going on? I know CC"s are a mess in YNAB from reading post after post, but this is the first time I've had to deal with it. At a loss on how to handle this. Almost better to take CC OFF BUDGET and deal with the payment as a single category.  Otherwise, based on what i see here, I have to double up to clear both the owed on CC, and negative category balance. 

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  • The credit card logic may not be easy for everybody to follow but they are not a mess.  Pretty straight forward actually just not 100% intuitive.   What as the balance on the card before the charge that was not fully budgeted for?  what was the payment available balance at that time?

    Do you intend to pay for the full purchase or are you planning to carry debt for the purchase?

  • Did you have other budgeted purchases on the card?

    The difference between the balance on the card and the amount available to pay is the amount of spending that you incurred on the card that you did not budget for.

  • CC Balance was zero.  Budgeted was previously 142.18, but that was spent to zero the card.  

    I think I know what is happening.  The 142.18 hasn't cleared (just made last payment didn't manually enter in the transaction, chase is typically 4-5 days slow on posting / importing), the category balance I spent against was transferred to the CC Category, taking the spent category negative, and showing a positive balance of the transferred category plus the uncleared payment. 

    I had to go forward a month to figure out what is going on, and also to see that the negative category balance doesn't carry over either. I've never over spent a category, so I figured you would have to fund it to keep balances correct based on the tutorials I've read.   (E.G. Red Category's)

    It's still very confusing the way it processes it, and the balances are far from logical for sure.  January's CC Category shows what I would expect if I had done this all manually with the CC off budget.  YNAB toolkit addon for Chrome (I found while trying to figure this out) addes some additional tool tips that make this logic much easier to see when you view the CC Category. It shows the transfer of funds from the overspent category to the CC available funds bucket. Much recommended. Tooltip reports are also 100x better than default reports, which is a nice bonus. 

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtURRDUT6iw Does a great job explaining it as far as the transfer of funds.

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