Categorizing a credit card payment

I made a payment on a credit card and the transaction is showing up as uncategorized and it won't let me categorize as a payment -- when I click on the "Payment or Transfer" button nothing happens.

And, when I look at my checking account transactions, the transaction shows as a payment to a different credit card and I can't edit the Payee. What's going on?

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  • Credit card payments are a transfer of money from your bank account to the credit card. Moving money between budget accounts does not get categorized.

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    • nolesrule but it's not letting me label it as such, it says "this needs a category" and seems like my only option is to categorize it as normal spending.

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      Cornflower Blue Leopard Then you are not setting the Payee field to properly be a transfer.

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    • nolesrule It won't let me edit that either. Really seems like a bug, not a user error.

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    • Hi Cornflower Blue Leopard !

      Here's how to enter that payment.

      When you click on that Payment option, it should take you to the payee section where you can select "Transfer: [Name of Account]" as the payee. Doing that will get rid of the Category requirement. :)

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  • I may be having a similar problem. I can transfer my payment to the credit card. And I can clear it in the checking account when the money clears my bank ... BUT nothing is showing in the credit card account as being an inflow (as it used to). (In fact all of the transfers into the credit card account from previous months are not showing up.) The cleared balance, uncleared balance, and working balance _seem_ to be correct ... Also the drop-down menu in the credit card account does not seem to functioning as it used to.

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  • Problem solved ... I had something in the search window which was blocking only a very few transactions - and all transfers.  sigh. Need to check every field to make sure things are set as they should be.

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  • I have the same issue. When I click on Payee I get the drop-down list but nothing happens when I click on "Payment from: Checking". The payment itself is in my budget as an Uncategorized Transaction.

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