Problem Changing Scheduled Transaction Date in App

I had a transaction scheduled for today, but need to change the date to the future.  The app will not allow me to do it, but I can do it on my PC.  In the app when the calendar pops up future dates are grayed out for the transaction.  Is this a bug?  I always have this issue on the app.

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  • I believe that is "as designed". The app was/is designed for "on the go" so it would not make sense to be entering a transaction that has not happened yet. They may change that going forward as more people use their phones exclusively. For example, you also can't reconcile an account on the app.

  • Hi Slate Gray Python !

    MXMOM is right, you can’t change a past or today’s date transaction to a future date on mobile. Instead, you need to delete and create a new future-dated version. This is the behaviour for now, but we're definitely looking into improvements there! 

  • Thanks for the responses.  I hope that this is changed in the future.  If I can enter a new transaction with a future date in the mobile app it seems to make sense that I should be able to change a current dated transaction to a future date as well.  I shouldn't have to delete and reenter.

  • I also hope that this is changed in the future. Just to give some context I try to use YNAB on my phone as much as I can. I use my spare time while commuting or waiting in line to reconcile my accounts and take care of my budget. Not being able to correct an upcoming transaction to a future date is really annoying, mainly beacause the work around (deleting it and making a new one with the same content) is much more demanding on my phone. 

    • Hi Slate Gray Robot ! Thank you for that additional context. I get it! If you have a moment, would you mind sending that over as a Feature Request?

    • Hi Nicole at YNAB 

      just did it

      thanks :)

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