Spending Report adding wrong :(

Hi everyone,

Now that we hit the end of the year, I use spending reports to plan what comes ahead.

BUT, the spending Report is summing numbers not correctly.

Attached one example (this error occured at least twice in my reports).

It adds up to 226,211.47, but if one calculates humself, one gets 196,532.03.


This is really serious thing.

Please have a look, ynabers.




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  • The report shows some categories and some accounts are selected. That means that some categories and some accounts are not selected and included in the report. This probably accounts for the discrepancy.

    I will sometimes exclude some categories in my own reports. One example of why I might exclude some categories from a report could be (from my own experience) transfers from on-budget savings to off-budget investment accounts.  If I'm looking at "spending" reports, I don't need those in the mix because I'm not concerned with those outflows; I know that they are not "spending".

    Edited to add:  I used to have an account for a family member in my budget, and when I pulled reports I would exclude that account since it wasn't my money.

  • Hi avitaliano — Thanks for sending in your Bug Report! It looks like this might be related to a known bug. I see that Justin reached out to you earlier via email! Our Bug Team will take good care of you to figure out what's going on.

  • I only just sent a message with the help bubble chat option but I wanted to say that I experienced this same glitch just now, and in my case all accounts and categories were selected so it's not user error as HappyDance suggested. The negative number is the culprit, in both mine and the OP's case (a refund in my case). YNAB is treating the negative as a positive when summing the totals. I had other refunds that seemed to work fine but those were all in categories where real spending happened and was budgeted for. The negative is a refund for a purchase made in the prior reporting period, so in this period there's actually nothing spent or budgeted, thus the negative.

    Hopefully this can be fixed soon because like Avitaliano says it's a big problem as it makes the reports untrustworthy any time there's a refund involved.

    • Hi techwizard !

      Thank you for taking the time to post! Our development team is currently working on getting this bug squashed! :)

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      • techwizard
      • Lavender_Lightning.2
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Faness Thanks! Also I realized I was mistaken, in my case it's not treating the refund as a positive but it's being ignored entirely. The grand total is still $85 higher than what it should be, but it would have been $170 higher if it were added as a positive. I've already been contacted by staff in response to my chat message and let them know this too.

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    • techwizard  Thank you! The more details we have the easier it is to spot exactly where things are going wrong (and why)! :)

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  • Is there any update on getting this issue resolved? I've selected all categories and all accounts on the spending report and it is WAY off.

    • Hi Purple Boa !

      I did a little investigating, and it looks like we released a fix for this in January. Here's a quick summary of the issue and what we fixed, from our Bug Experts:

      A while back we addressed some issues with Spending Reports, particularly how we handle net positive spending, where a category group has more inflows than outflows for a particular month. Unfortunately, we missed the mark a bit, causing some confusion. Now we plot net inflows (as negative values), and you can more clearly see how all the numbers add up. 🎉

      If you're not seeing those numbers in your Spending Report add up as expected, can you please fill out a Bug Report? And we'll get to the bottom of what's happening!

      • Purple Boa
      • Purple_Boa.4
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Nicole at YNAB , so weird but good--I restarted YNAB and now the expense totals are making sense! Thanks for your quick reply.

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