Capital One 360 Import Issues?

Has anyone else noticed over the past week or so where Capital One 360 updated their import process? I'm suspecting it's a global change affecting all integrators, as a couple of other sites aren't working either. Has anyone seen any information on this?

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  • We're closing out Bank Importing threads in the forum to make sure these issues are better resolved.

    Replies in this thread have been turned off, but if you’re having trouble with your bank, please fill out this form and our Direct Import team will help you get things back up and running!

  • Hi Stephen Kirven ! I'm going to move this over to our Bank Importing section for a better fit. 🙂

    Things are steady with Capital One. Can you let me know a little more about what's going on with your specific connection? I'm happy to look closer!

    Your connection is currently successful, and transactions imported earlier today. How is that looking on your end? 

    • Nicole The import only worked because I had to 2FA manually. It’s not saving the setting. 


      I did check another couple of my sites and saw the same thing. So the net is, I can get it to work, but it did change. I may want to open a case so we can work the issue?



    • Stephen Kirven It sounds like you're having to re-authenticate your accounts frequently? Our Direct Import partner let us know that for certain security protocols, repeated re-authorizations may be required. They're trying to make sure it's really you!

      We've dug in many times, and currently there isn't anything that can be done to get around it. This is great for security, of course, but not so great for the import experience. We’re hopeful this will improve as our Direct Import partner develops more direct connections, but right now (and for the foreseeable future) it is expected.

      If you’re finding that you can’t connect and/or import after re-authenticating, that is not expected. Please let me know if that’s the case!

  • I have noticed the last few days that I need to re-authenticate my Capital One accounts every time I log in to YNAB.  Before that, it was once a month or so, if that.  I had the same issue with my Bank of America card a few months ago, and that finally resolved itself and now I haven't had to get the text code in quite a while.  Hopefully the same will be true with Capital One!

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    • Quinn Many financial institutions are increasing their security, and we've found you might have to re-authorize your account more frequently as result. They may start to subside after you've used the connection for a time and it's recognized, but that’s not something we’re able to predict.

      It sounds like that happened with the Bank of America connection!

  • I've ran into this too where my Capital one account will keep asking to text me a verification code every day! It's getting ridiculous.

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    • Navy Blue Foal I replied to you down lower in the thread! Let me know if you have any questions. 😀

  • FWIW, ynab's direct importer has always had a second class citizen status as far as Capital One goes. The connection has broken several times over the past year and they have been working on it for months. 

    A few months ago it was totally inoperative for weeks, then it came back and 'worked' for quite a while with the occasional need to do the 2FA say, once a week. 

    A couple days ago it changed again, sort of better I suppose. Now each time the connection is attempted, which is something like twice a day, you get prompted for the last 4 of the cell to text to. Then the box for the 6 digit code pops up. Also when the text comes through the notification on my android offers the option to tap 'copy' with the 6 digit code. This is actually good behavior and makes the process fairly painless. I'd chalk this up as the importer actually implementing something correct this time. 


    Now, I'd suggest there is also another option available they could work on. There is an option for for personal finance softwares to do more permanent connections. When I logged in to E-money this morning I was missing a CD I had recently opened, when I went to the accounts page and clicked the look for new option, it flipped out to a cap one login screen. Once I logged in I was offered a cap one screen that said 'Emoney is asking for permissions to theses accounts'. Followed by a list of all my accounts with check boxes, all but one were already checked.  I checked the box for the one new account and accepted it. This is a 'permanent' connection @Cap One rather than the temporary, needs to be re-authenticated every day status we are currently in.

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    • Cornflower Blue Sloth We’re hopeful this will improve as our import partner develops more direct connections! There are many moving parts with direct import and any little (or big!) change from the banks can cause disruptions in the connection. Some banks are more ‘direct import friendly' than others, so it makes for a rocky road sometimes. We appreciate your patience while the repairs were made, and hope it's more stable going forward. 🙂

  • Same problem here.  For the past week or so Capital One has been making me re-authenticate every. single. day.  It's incredibly annoying.

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    • Navy Blue Foal Gray Transistor 

      It sounds like you're having to re-authenticate your accounts frequently? Our Direct Import partner let us know that for certain security protocols, repeated re-authorizations may be required. We've dug in a few times, to see if anything can be done—and for now there's nothing we can do to get around it.

      As more and more financial institutions are beefing up their security (like the recent changes after the Capital One breach), it's becoming more common. They want to make sure it's really you!

      I know it can be a frustrating experience though, and I'm sorry that's the case. The good news is, while it's not so great for the import experience, it's great in terms of security! And you don't need to re-authorize the connection every time it asks—just go through the prompt when you're ready to import new transactions.

  • Sadly, YNAB will do the bare minimum to make Capital One usable again and it will only last for a short time. I'm having no problems with them anywhere else, just the overpriced web software that gets worse every day.

    • Fake Names Are Stupid I know import issues like the ones you've been experiencing are incredibly frustrating, and we work with our partner's to get the connection up and running as soon as possible.

      Banks frequently make changes to their security settings, websites, or data files—and these are all things our import partner needs to manually fix. We do expect the majority of connections to work without issue the majority of the time, but occasional hiccups are expected from time to time. 

      We believe very deeply that YNAB is worth the cost without direct import, though. If this one feature causes more trouble than it's worth, you can absolutely use YNAB—and get the full benefit—without it. There are many other ways to get your transactions, including entry on your mobile device and File-Based Importing

      If those options are not satisfactory to you, I understand that as well. Given the imperfect nature of transaction aggregation, it might mean that YNAB just isn't the best option for you.

    • I have to agree with Nicole  on this one. Most sites (YNAB, Mint, Mvelopes, etc) use a 3rd party to connect to the various websites. I've dug in on the Capital One site, and there did used to be a setting for creating an Application Username and Password to allow various sites to connect, but sadly, I think they did remove it. 

      I'm planning on calling Capital One this week, as I can't find a place to send them an email.

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  • Also having the same issue! It's annoying to have to do the 2FA every day, and I understand what cap1 is trying to do especially with the recent data breach. But at what point are these extra processes too burdensome on the customer?

    Glad it's not user error though, thanks for the clarification YNAB! 

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    • Wonder Woman Thanks for understanding! We know those are frustrating, and will continue to see if anything can be done from our end. Sometimes, those do subside as your financial institution "recognizes" the connection over time—but it's not something we're able to predict.

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