I just set up Open Banking with my accounting software in 45 seconds

Why can't YNAB do this?

Literally, setting up a bank account (Barclays) to auto import into FreeAgent (my online accounting software) - took 45 seconds, including logging into my bank via my phone app to authenticate.

It's easy. Reliable. Simple. Why do YNAB not offer this? I don't pay my bank anything, but I pay you £7 a month - for what exactly?

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  • Hi Tetsugaku !

    We'd love to be able to provide Direct Import for international financial institutions, but because our third-party partner moved away from supporting banks outside the US and Canada, it's not in our plans for the immediate future.

    We're still looking for alternatives and ways to improve, but for now, international financial institutions or connecting with Open Banking aren't available. It is on our (and our provider’s) radar, though! If we are able to offer it, we'll be sure to announce it loud and clear.

    Our last Direct Import partner was added in hopes of branching out into international direct import support, but it didn't go as we had planned. I know that's not news you're looking for, but where things stand at the moment.

    • Nicole This is a pathetic response. You provide direct import for US banks - but not for the EU, even though we have a far more robust and supported open standard. Why are you dragging your feet over features you happily provide to US customers, but refuse to even look at for those of us to live elsewhere?

      This is a free, open, hardy standard. Why will YNAB not support it?

    • Hi Tetsugaku !

      We aren't refusing to look into direct import for international financial institutions - it's a long term goal that we hope we'll be able to achieve in the future. When the online version of YNAB first launched, we started with only a single import partner. We've since added two additional import partner with hopes of branching out to international providers, but we learned that feat is harder to accomplish than we initially thought. Our import partner supported several UK banks, but the connections had so much trouble - importing incorrect amounts, constantly running into errors - that they removed the options so they could improve their handling of international imports. They're still working on a solution, but they've let us know this won't be fixed anytime soon - they don't have the necessary tools to repair the integrations and keep them stable.

      In the meantime, if you find that YNAB doesn't suit your needs because of this, we completely understand. The nature of direct import is unstable and while we wish we had the power to make it exactly what we all want, we don't. It will be a long journey, but we're still staying on the path with hopes we'll reach the end at some point.

    • Faness is there anyway I can get a notification once UK banks are supported using Open Banking API's please? I'd like to subscribe again for YNAB services once this is done. 

    • Magenta Nomad If there’s a specific international institution you’d like considered, the best way would be to suggest it in the app, if you haven’t already!

  • Tetsugaku said:
    I don't pay my bank anything, but I pay you £7 a month - for what exactly?

     You are paying for a budgeting app. Not a bank import tracking app. 

    • MXMOM Actually if you live in the US you ARE paying for a "bank import tracking app" - as US customers can well see. I am puzzled as to why YNAB will not support such an easy to use standard - actually not that puzzled. YNAB puts development of useful features like this behind - hmm, not sure what in fact!

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      Tetsugaku actually I am not in the US either. But yes, I can see how that would be frustrating. My only thought is that YNAB is a proactive application whereas downloading transactions that have already happened is counterintuitive to the philosophy. But I don't work there, so I have no clue.  I have other issues (hello printing budget reports!!!) that I am championing. Good luck.

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  • I've yet to see a reason WHY this open international standard is not being supported - other than the third party you already use dont have any idea how to do it.

    Which is a very very poor way to run a software company.

  • If any other users can add their voice maybe we won't sound like we are shouting into the ether.

  • I just cancelled my subscription due to lack of open banking support. Currently looking at alternatives like spendee etc but would prefer to go back to ynab if PSD2 support ever added.

    • Lavender Hail We're sorry to see you go, Lavender Hail and hope it's something we'll be able to offer in the future. 

  • I am in the US and my personal preference is to not use direct import.  Direct import should be an add on price if one chooses to use it since it is a service that YNAB apparently has to pay for.  If not an add on price then at least give non US customers a discount until their country is added to the service.  Other customers in the world cannot use it but they are subsidizing the US customers who have access to it.  I can definitely understand their frustration.  

    As I read the forum it seems like a good portion of the complaints are centered around connectivity issues with bank-x or bank-y and a lot of development/support time is used addressing those issues when so many other issues have not been addressed yet such as stealing from the future.

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  • Try: https://syncforynab.com/

    game changer for UK banks..

  • Nicole Do you see any reason it should be impossible to use YNAB's API to create my own Open Banking integration?

    • Hi Sea Green Wildcat !

      No, it shouldn't be impossible to use the YNAB API to work with your own Open Banking integration. A number of users have mentioned using the API to work with their specific bank.

      The API was developed primarily for people who are familiar with API setups and coding, but we can definitely see what we can do to help.

      The best place to start is our API Starter Kit, which may give you some resources. You can also post any questions you have here in the API & Integration section of the forum. :)

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  • This my reason to unsubscribe from YNAB. I prefer the YNAB software but with free alternatives such as YOLT which is more convenient I have decided to unsubscribe from YNAB. Once YNAB delivers open banking api integrating with UK banks I will subscribe again.

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