Pin categories in the Android App?

Hi, I've just restarted YNAB after a couple of years.  I can't figure out how to pin my main spending categories in the app.  I've been searching help files for over 20 mins and haven't found it!  Shouldn't be this difficult!  

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  • Maybe some more information might be useful ... Basically, when I look at the app, I just want to be able to see at a glance the key categories that I spend from.  If I'm at the store I want to be able to check the pertinent category before making spending decisions, without scrolling through all my bills and debt repayment categories.  That used to be possible in the previous version of the app.  Surely it's still available now?  

    • Hi Turquoise Lobster !

      Sorry for the delayed response! Yes, it's still possible to pin categories in the mobile app. To do so, give these steps a try:

      1. Tap on the category you'd like to pin to the top of your budget.
      2. Tap the 'Details' option.
      3. Tap the pin icon in the upper right hand corner.

      That will pin the category to the top of your budget. Give that a try, and let me know how it goes! :)

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