Linking Citi Business account?

Is it possible to link Citi business accounts?

Business accounts usually require user ID, Business code, password, and token.

Is there an option to link such an account to YNAB?

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  •  Hi Green Keyboard !

    I see a "Citibank - CitiBusiness - Credit Cards" option for direct import. When you have a moment, can you give that option a try?

  • I figured it out.

    Citibank business allows you to log in into your business account 2 different ways; from its business portal (which needs a lot more info) or it normal portal by registering your debit card. This second method allows you to end up with a username and password to log in into your business account, which can be used in any of the linked account options that YNAB provides.

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    • Green Keyboard Thank you for sharing that information! :)

  • I'm having this same issue. Do you know where and how you registered your Debit card?

    • Hi Charles Whitman !

      I took a look and I see one successful connection to Citi and another that is running into a password error.

      In these cases, we’d like to double check a few things to make sure no stone is left unturned!

      Here are some things you can try that should help resolve this issue:

      • Check to make sure the web address you use to log into your online banking account matches the URL you see in YNAB.
      • If you’re using a password manager, try typing your login credentials in manually.
      • Log into your financial institution's online banking account, then immediately try reconnecting the account in YNAB.

      If you're still running into trouble, let me know and we'll go from there! :)

  • I think no one knows the correct answer? Have you got the solution.

    • Hi Cyan Disk ! 

      Can you try to add your financial institution (is that Citi Business) one more time for me? It looks like you may have removed the connection from the Manage Connections list, but we'll need it listed there (even if it’s failed) in order to troubleshoot.

      Let me know once it’s back and we can dive in!

  • I think there is a misunderstanding about what I am working to accomplish. is the site for personal accounts. YNAB connects easily to Citi personal accounts. I am attempting to connect YNAB to my business accounts at When I attempt to connect the accounts, YNAB asks for my username for Citi. Citi doesn't give usernames it gives an user ID. YNAB doesn't recognize my User ID. That is where it dies.

    • Charles Whitman Ah, sorry for not understanding initially! There are separate Citi connections for personal and business accounts. I see you have a successful connection to Citibank, but for your business account you'll need to connect to the "Citibank - CitiBusiness - credit cards" option. 

      When you have a moment, try adding a new account connection to that option and let me know how it goes!

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