Shortcuts - So many missing shortcuts making reconciling a pain

Hi team,

While I do find YNAB useful.  The reconciliations are taking way too long.  A big reason for this is the lack of shortcuts.  There should be a shortcut for clearing a transaction, for entering a new transaction, for flagging a transaction, and navigating transactions.  In particular, having to use my mouse to clear all of my transactions is brutal.  Most of them are cleared already by the time I enter them, so I have to go left with my mouse to add a transaction, enter the details, and then manually move over to the right and clear the transaction.  In a nutshell.  The workflow for reconciling sucks!!!!!!

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  • I know some really knowledgeable users and tech support will be along soon, but in the meantime maybe this can help?

    • Couch Cat had my hopes up that there was 160 shortcuts!  Not to be.  Thanks, though this is not the shortcuts I am after.  I have to manually enter my transactions (in Australia) and it really could be sped up by at least double or more with decent shortcut options.  Plus, it isn't just the time, it is the annoyance...   all the other fields come up after each other except for clearing, which has to be done manually.  It grinds my gears. 

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  • Budget workflow would benefit from shortcuts as well. For instance, a key to set the Available to $0 (useful when overspent) and a key to move the contents of TBB into the currently selected categories.

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  • I agree.  Mouse/touchpad work is for kids.  

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  • I have email threads with YNAB support going back years voicing complaints about the sad lack of shortcuts. I want (at *least*) shortcuts for:

    • Switching from budget view to accounts (using arrows to scroll down and) open a specific account page.
    • Adding a transaction.
    • Categorizing it.
    • Saving it.
    • Saving it and creating another.
    • Importing transactions into the account.
    • Approving them.
    • Matching them.
    • Switching back to Budget view.
    • Selecting a category in the Budget and changing the amount budgeted.

    I was told tonight that I can use the C shortcut on an imported transaction twice, once to unclear it and the second time to clear it. In that process it will become approved. A workaround that take twice the time it should take, but better than right-click --> Approve.

    Should YNAB be satisfied with this answer? IMHO, no.

  • Pink Unicorn Agree shortcuts would help, but being in Australia, I use the file based import and it simplifies a lot of that!
    On your bank site, you need to export your transactions to one of the supported format. My bank only export to QIF and it works alright. I export all my accounts one by one, then drag the files from the download bar at the bottom of the browser window to my YNAB window in the correct account. Then it's just a question to match transactions. Imported transactions are cleared on import. 

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