Missing recently approved transactions

I just approved about 9 transactions and then they all disappeared. I tried logging out and back in... what do I need to do to get these transactions back? This has never occurred before.


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  • Delete the phrase in the search box. I’m pretty sure it says you are searching for uncategorized transactions.  

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  • Thanks, but that’s not it. The transactions completely disappeared, they are not even showing up in the budget view. It is one entire day of transactions. 

    • Magenta Stallion Might they be dated in June while looking in the July budget?

    • That’s not it either. For example one of the transactions was my paycheck, but my budget still shows the same available amount that it did before. 

    • Hi Magenta Stallion !

      By chance, did you budget funds towards a future month? If so, the new income you received could have been added in that future month - making it appear that it wasn't added in the current month.

      If you check your account register, are the transactions listed there? If not, then you'll want to manually re-enter them. Once a transaction is imported and then deleted, it can't be re-imported. 

  • Are you sure you didnt hit "reject" by mistake instead of approve? Either way, if they aren't in your account register and the balance is truly off, you will need to enter the transactions manually.

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  • Thanks all. I guess it’s possible that I rejected or deleted them without meaning to. I’ll re-enter and then hopefully today when it updates today there will be no more issues. I’ll come back if there are. Thank you!

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  • Nope - mine is doing the same thing tonight - 7/11... just spent time "catching up" on my register, and then realized all the ones I had approved disappeared. I just hit the undo button until I was back to where I had started, but bummed that 'twas all for naught. 😌 Perhaps a bug the admins can work out?

    • Cornflower Blue Tiger Oh wait! satcook nailed it - my bad!!!

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  • I literally jut had the same issue. I approved them from the bank and then they disappeared. This is heartbreakingly frustrating😖 

    • Hi Jay King !

      By chance, do you see a "Clear Search" option at the bottom of your account register? It sounds like you may be filtering for Unapproved transactions, so once approved, the transactions are automatically being removed from that list. If you clear the search you should then see all transactions (approved and unapproved).

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      Faness unfortunately there was none. I've had ynab for years so I'm used to it and that was the first thing I checked. I even went on my iPhone immediately to see if the changes had synced there... Nope. I knew they were gone too because my checking account balance which is linked was over by 3000 grand which means all the transactions I saved were gone 

    • Jay King Sorry for the trouble! After clicking approve, those transactions disappeared? Could you have clicked Reject by accident? If you were in the web app and hadn't refreshed or logged out, you could try to Undo those changes. However, if that isn't an option, you can manually re-enter those transactions.

      To prevent duplicates from importing, YNAB won’t allow importing those transactions into that account again. To get around that, you can either enter those transactions yourself or create a new account. 

      If you create a new account, you can move all of the existing transactions over and delete the current account, that way you don't lose any transaction history. Here’s how to do that:

      1. Create a new account to replace the current one by clicking on Add Account > Unlinked > Enter Name & Type (You'll have to give it a slightly different name). Enter a $0 starting balance for now, since we’re going to move over all the transactions from the other account. Do this first!  
      2. Go to the original account, select all of the transactions, and move them to the new account using the Edit menu.
      3. Refresh your browser.
      4. Hover over the name of the original (now empty) account, click the edit icon, and Delete Account.
      5. Now, you can edit the name of the new account and/or set up Direct Import.

      When you import again, you should see those missing transactions just fine.

  • I posted here because this happened to me in exactly the same sequence and circumstances 

  • This just happened to me. About 20 transactions disappeared after approving them. No filters or searches active.

    • Hi Orchid Ink !

      Are your transactions sorted by most recent? Is it possible they're hiding further down in your transaction register?

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