CIBC Not Importing

Hi - CIBC syncing not working. Im testing Mint vs. YNAB and having all kinds of issues with CIBC linking. What is going on? When will it be fixed? Why does Mint work so seamlessly and YNAB doesnt? I really would prefer to use YNAB, seems much better than Mint because I can get better control of budget categories but not being able to link to a bank as big as CIBC is a huge miss. You guys need to fix this ASAP. Thanks!!!

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  • We're closing out Bank Importing threads in the forum to make sure these issues are better resolved.

    Replies in this thread have been turned off, but if you’re having trouble with your bank, please fill out this form and our Direct Import team will help you get things back up and running! :)

  • Hi Tan Mermaid !

    I responded to your post on another thread, but wanted to comment here as well. :)

    We use a different import partner than Mint, so direct import will work differently between the two.

    After working on the widespread issue with CIBC, we've heard the final word from our Direct Import partner. They've narrowed down the issue to some server side instability with CIBC, so the connection may be inconsistent at times. We’re optimistic they’ll be able to repair the integration eventually, but our Direct Import Partner isn’t able to offer us a timeline on a permanent fix. 

    In the meantime, you may try attempting the connection every now and then as we've been finding the issue tends to come and go, and it’s always worth a shot! If the connection is ever down, don't forget to keep your account balances up to date! You can do that in a few ways:

    1. File Based Importing (you can drag and drop as file containing your transactions right into YNAB!)
    2. Active entry using the mobile app.
    3. Scheduled transactions (for those regularly occurring transactions that you know about!)

    We will continue to do all that’s in our power to push for a resolution. If you have any questions or if there's anything else we can do to help, please don’t hesitate to reach out! :)

    • Faness thanks for the update. This is unfortunate since I really want to see how YNAB works before my trial expires. 

      Also, I’m not really clear on what Inuits ownership of Mint has to do with YNABs inability to create consistent connections to CIBC. Is Intuit your direct import partner? I don’t get it?

      I really don’t mean to be offensive with this but maybe YNAB needs to fire whoever runs their import strategy. Again, Mint’s connections are absolutely seamless and I’m connecting to four different partners on their platform.  I could understand if Mint had issues too, but they don’t seem to have any issue at all.

      Again, I really think YNAB is a better budgetting product from what I can tell, but your management team really needs to step up their game or else this great product will lose to the big Intuit machine.

    • Tan Mermaid It looks like my colleague Jen extended the trial for you! Intuit is not our import partner, so things will work differently than the import partner we use.

      When we launched the online version of YNAB, we had one Direct Import partner. We have since added two more in order to provide more stable support for a wider range of financial institutions. Your account is connected via Plaid, and they're not currently able to support CIBC.

      Awareness of spending is a big part of why YNAB works and we're totally unique in that our method leans more heavily on active engagement. That means entering transactions as you spend plays a big role in that.

      Your budget can be great, even with out Direct Import! Though, we completely understand if you don't decide to continue, since that feature is important to you. Give the trial a try,  with those methods Faness mentioned above! If you don't wish to continue, you can delete your YNAB account and sign up for a new 34-day trial in the future.

  • I find it frustrating that both CIBC and Simplii Financial still won’t import. And they haven’t done ANY imports for a few months now. Yes, I’m very aware of my transactions, but I’ve Always been very aware of them. It was importing sporadically every week or two but now it isn’t at all for a few months.

    This just means that I have to go hunting down transactions sometimes, and also that to enter my transactions I’m flipping between apps in my phone. Triple checking I’m putting in the right numbers. Yes I could do this from my laptop but I am so very rarely on there it’s not a great option for me.

    I understand different import partners do things different ways and you don’t have a gazillion of them but it is personally rather frustrating that it no longer works when last year it worked perfectly fine. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I am continuing to use YNAB because it’s a fantastic product. I just really really wish I could actually utilize the direct import. 

    • Hi Lynx Kitties !

      I'm sorry for the trouble and the inconvenience. We're currently working with our import partner on a fix for CIBC and Simplii Financial, but they've let us know that the issues with both of the financial institutions will be long term. We aren't giving up hope and we'll continue to work towards a solution, but it will be a while before one is available.

      We truly appreciate your patience as we work on getting these connections back up and running. Have you had the chance to give File-Based Importing a try? It should make hunting down those transactions much easier.

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      Faness thank you for replying to me. I’m glad it’s still being worked on. I might do file-based once a month just to make sure I don’t have anything missed. But doing it every day just isn’t feasible for me. I do almost everything on my phone as I have little babies that make using the laptop very difficult. 

    • Lynx Kitties I love the "Toddler Wrangler" title! If you're using the mobile apps to manually enter transactions, it should help you stay on top of things and the file-based import is a great wait to check for anything left out! If there's anything we can help with, or if you run into any trouble, please don't hesitate to let us know!

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