API endpoint to import available transactions from linked banks

I am building an app to trigger notifications if you have more than a certain number of transactions to import. 

For example, the app would check everyday for transactions to available to import from linked accounts. If there are let's say more than 10 transactions, it will notify the user (via SMS/Email) that their account needs attention. 

Currently /budgets/{budget_id}/transactions does not return transactions that are available for import. 

The only way this is possible now is to manually log in in the Web or the mobile app and click "import". 

What API endpoint should I use to perform this task? 

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  • This is not currently supported but is on our request list.  Transactions pending import are not currently included in API responses.

  • Hi Brady, any updates Transactions Pending Import as part of the API responses? It would be super helpful. Thanks!

  • Brady I thought I tagged you in my last comment but I guess it didn't take. 

    • Beige Inspector Not yet!  I would like this as well :) . It's on the list.

    • Brady  Thank you for your reply! I know you can't give any hard and fast ETA, but if you knew whether it was weeks away or likely many months away, that would be really helpful to know. We are planning our workflows for a large team of bookkeepers, and this feature would be a key part of that. Thanks!

    • Brady  And if we don't have transactions pending import yet as a question we can answer through an API, is there a way to trigger through an API that transactions be imported into YNAB from the bank account? Thanks!

  • Beige Inspector - Neither requesting pending transactions nor importing the pending transactions is supported in the API.  There is some initial work on this and it is in the pipeline so we intend to support it.  So, an estimate would be: "hopefully weeks, but maybe months".  😅 Hope that helps.

    • Brady Ok thanks for the insight. :) Just to confirm, we aren't talking about transactions that are pending in the bank account, waiting to clear. We are talking about cleared transactions in the bank account that just have not been imported into YNAB yet because the Import button has not been pressed, right? Thanks!

    • Beige Inspector Yep - that is correct.

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  • Brady Hi Brady. It's been a year since this request. Are there any updates on this request? I even tried to find alternative ways like checking if the YNAP mobile app has notification settings when my accounts reach certain number of unimported transactions. But that is still not possible on mobile either. 

    As an end user, I keep forgetting to import my transactions some days. Then once I check my YNAB accounts, I end up with >70 transactions to import which is overwhelming number to categorize one by one. 

    So the result is that I keep creating fresh budgets to start over again every time this happens.

    I hope if we had this API (or perhaps as a feature on mobile), I could be notified early if the number of unimported transactions reaches let's say 10 transactions. This way I can process them before the number keeps exploding. 

  •  MoMo There is a newer endpoint, POST /budgets/{budget_id}/transactions/import, that will import transactions from a linked bank.  You can't get the count before doing so but it will return a list of transaction ids that were imported so you could get the count after the import happens.  Hope this helps!

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      Brady That's awesome! Thank you so much. This should solve my problem. I'm very excited to try the new endpoint.

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