How do I delete a category (going forward) that I no longer need?

We had been using a category for a specific purpose but we no longer need it.  I'd like for it to show up on previous reports and budgets but I don't want it going forward.  I don't want to name it something different either as it will name all my previous transactions that, and it would not be accurate.  I can't hide it because it's a subcategory.  So what to do with it?

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  • You can hide subcategories. Just right click on it. Granted, it will show up on reports as part of the Hidden Categories total.

  • It can be hidden, but if you want it to appear on a report you will need to temporarily un-hide it for it to show.

  • Hi Coral Admiral !

    If you have past budgeting and spending history in that category, we recommend that you hide it instead! You can hide both category groups, and categories. That way, you keep the past data intact.

    Here's a little more detail on how to customize your categories. I hope that helps! Let me know if you still have questions.

  • Ah, perfect, not sure how I missed the hide, lol!  That works great, thanks!

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