I hope I don't regret this (starts and restarts)

Hey Folks,

This is (at least) my third go-around with YNAB.  The first one I abandoned because I was depending too much on automatic import and the weekends (when most of my spending occurs), with their deferred posting, killed the accuracy.  Also, I didn't understand how to handle CC or handle money TBB in the future.

Second go-around was abandoned because I decided to not input all my and  my partner's CC's (we have seven!  most aren't used, just paying down) into YNAB to "simplify" things...then life got out of control again for other reasons.

Now, I am at it again with my Avalanche spreadsheet in place, all CC's entered and a "Stash" category to hold any non-budgeted funds.  I'm reconciled through today and ready to rock!

Just wanted to thank everyone, since the forums have been integral to building best practices that will see me through to the end.

I'm filing this under "Wins" because, without the "Fresh Start" option, these restarts would have been (even more) daunting!

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  • This all sounds great to me, Beige Drill . Please keep us posted!

  • Just think...you've improved each time, so you will keep improving 😊 and the beauty of this system is to help you figure out your priorities and make your money line up with them.  You will see your progress and it certainly is a win!  


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  • Good luck and glad you are back in the game!  I've also had previous (many years ago) false starts with YNAB, but this time I'm doing Dave Ramsey's program (again, you're not the only one whose crazy life got them into debt when not properly prepared) and this time I'm committed to keep up my budget even after I pay off my debt.  I know I spent way more over the last few years than I would have if I had been budgeting.  I got lazy about it and I got lazy people results for it.

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  • Thanks, Spring Green Drill and rushiec !  The encouragement helps and I will look into Dave Ramsey.

    One of the greatest aspects of YNAB, imo, is that is gives me a framework to discuss finances with my SO...we had a 30 minute conversation around CC yesterday which never would have happened w/o YNAB

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