Keeping track of child support owed

So my ex-husband is supposed to pay a small ammount child support each month. He sometimes does, sometimes doesn't. I would like to keep track of the support owed within Ynab, is that possible? If yes, what kind of account should I use for it and how to use it for this?  It just feels wrong to simply delete the monthly transaction when he doesn't pay and then, well, nothing besides jot it down in a notebook.

Any tips?

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  • Tracking account with a monthly recurring inflow for the amount he's supposed to pay. (This is effectively an asset.) When he does pay, record the inflow in checking (or wherever) as a transfer from the tracking account categorized as To Be Budgeted.

    Your call on what the starting account balance should be, but it should be positive (or $0 if you're starting from a clean slate).

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  • Thanks for the quick and clear answer! I set it up, seems to make sense. But it will count the non-payed amounts as assets also, right? Wondering if that screws things up in my net worth reports (which I like since I'm paying of my last debt).

    • Cacti This account can be excluded from Net Worth if you wish. However, aren't you legally entitled to this money? (My knowledge in this area is obviously lacking.)

      I look at it like a CD (certificate of deposit) at the bank. It's an asset, but it might lose some value if you want it right now (before the maturation date). Similarly, you would have to pay a cost to sue your ex-spouse to gain control of that asset.

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      dakinemaui Yes, in theory, I am!  (but the bureaucracy is real; we live in The Netherlands and he moved to Norway to avoid paying our marital debts -I did- so yeah).

      Anyway, I forgot I could exclude the account in reports so my problem is solved, thank you!!

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  • You can also contact the US Alimony Act to know what to do if your husband does not pay alimony and what to demand from him / subchapter-iv / part-d / sec-659 /

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