Add income category?

How do I set up a budget category for income amounts? For example we get a pension of say $870 fro ABC pension. How do I enter a category into my transaction list for that amount?


Tha nks

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  • You don’t. All in one is entered as a transaction with the category ‘to be budgeted’

    the income report will separate your income by payees. 

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  • Whilst it is possible to set up categories for income it is not normal or part of the recommended methodology. All income is recorded as TBB (to be budgeted). You can identify which income comes from which source via Payee information.

  • Makes sense - thank you

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  • Similarly, I find it odd that I cannot visualize income categories on the budget page. It seems counterintuitive that one can't add an income category and make use of the goals. For example, I have regular income from my day job and other income from my side job. And say last year I made 2000$ from my side job and this year I want to try to make 3000$. I can't seem to wrap my head around how YNAB would handle this scenario. I gather that the income vs output reports would help, but I would prefer a more dynamic interactive way to see my income vs spending live, like in the budget view!?

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      Powder Blue Zebra  Make it a Feature Request. Its a good idea.

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    • Powder Blue Zebra The budget is the plan for your money after it is received. The Grocery store doesn't care who gave you money, only that you have it.

      Use the Payee field to separate income by source.

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      dakinemaui The same could be said for the Payee field. Why assign a Payee on income? To be even more absurd, why assign a Payee on expenses? It's not needed for category-based budgeting. It's only needed to make sense of the very closely related concept of identity.

      Just as it's reasonable to demand tracking of payee identity information, even in a budgeting tool, it's also reasonable to want to categorize income.

    • Russell said:
      Why assign a Payee on income?

      So you get a nice report of income summarized by source. (Probably the very reason you are wanting income categories.)

      If you don't care about the specific source, feel free to use a generic Payee like "Garage Sale" or similar.

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