To-be-Budgeted not matching my accounts...I've reconciled and watching a million tutorials and can't find the issue

Hey all,

I've read through the forums, I've followed the YNAB reconciliation tutorial, and I've searched YouTube but I can't find what is wrong with YNAB or where I went wrong. 

I've attached an image of my bank accounts and of YNAB.

I have a separate savings account that matches YNAB ($1,622.65)

Even if I use the "To be Budgeted" amount on the areas in my budget that I have "overspent", it still does not match my accounts. 

It's like I have a fake extra $600 floating around and I don't understand how to fix it.

This has been driving me nuts....

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  • Your To Be Budgeted figure will almost never match an account balance, or even the sum of a number of accounts. YNAB totals all the money you have in all your accounts, then subtracts what you have moved into budget categories.

    The idea is you plan your spending by moving money from the TBB section to your various categories until TBB reaches $0. If your saving account is "on budget" and you have a plan for this money (even if it's simply "saving for a rainy day")m then create a "Rainy Day" category and budget $1,622.65 to it.

  • Hi, you have $2497.06 of cash in your accounts. This cash will be distributed between your TBB and your categories in your budget. As askegg said, ideally it is all in your categories and none in TBB. 

    So what should match in the last month you can access is your cash at the bank and the total of TBB plus all the Available amounts in your categories (you can get this amount if you don't select any categories and look at the Inspector on the right of the screen).

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  • And yes, you should cover the overspent categories by reallocating from a lower priority category.

    If maintaining your CC debt is the lower priority, you can reallocate from the CC Payment category. If debt reduction later becomes more important, you can budget to the Payment category at that point.

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  • This is such a frustrating situation! I've run into this before where I couldn't figure out where the money went. I used the help feature, and had YNAB support look into my budget, and they found that I had accidentally somehow budgeted money into the next month. So double check November and make sure that you haven't budgeted some funds there by mistake.

    On the main budget screen, on the right hand side, you will see some numbers. If you do not have any categories checked, then you will see your overall budget numbers. I believe your Total Available should match the amount of cash that you have in your accounts. If your TBB does not match the total available, then you have some funds that are already disbursed into some categories.

    If none of these suggestions help you find it, then use the ? button at the bottom of the screen and send a message to tech support. You can give them permission to access the budget, which will let them poke around and help you find the missing funds.

    Good luck!

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