My starting balance keeps changing...


I just started YNAB this month and it seems to be working except for the starting balance. All my expenses from when I started until today are accounted for but when I go back to double check with my bank account, the bank account start balance keeps getting lower and lower. Last week I did my first reconcile and noticed the start balance was different so I readjusted it and reconciled. This week again, the start balance went down and YNAB says I have more money than I should. How long before old charges finally go through? Is this normal? Thanks so much!

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  • If charges come through after you set up your starting balance, that shouldn't change your starting balance; you just need to categorize the transaction. It is frustrating, though!

    It's normal for transactions to take several business days to clear your account—maybe four business days at the most for US banks. Be sure to manually enter transactions, even if you use Direct Import; this will keep your balance up to date and also help you spend more intentionally.

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  • Hey there! Once your starting balance is entered, it won't change unless you manually update it. If you want to send in some screenshots via email or post them here, I'd be happy to take a look! 

  • My starting balance has completely disappeared! How can I get it back? My bank account just shows a running balance so I can't even go back and look to see what it was! 

    • Navy Blue Cello I've no idea why the starting balance transaction disappeared. Perhaps Undo?

      Failing that, reconcile to today's balance and let YNAB make a balance adjustment. Change the date of that adjustment transaction to be the day before the first transaction in the account and use a Payee of "Starting Balance".

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