Move Category Group (small business expenses) to New Budget

Hi, currently my husband and I have our businesses in our home budget and have realized that we need to make those seperate budgets...its just getting too messy.  I know you can export the budget but is there a way to copy a category group and start a new budget with that information? Like, can I export my entire budget, import it into a new budget and then just delete the information that I don't need (personal budget info)? I don't want to lose the past information for our businesses so that seems like the easiest way to accomplish this.  Please advise.

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  • Hi Steel Blue Sloth !

    Currently, there isn't a way to copy that information or transfer it to a different budget. Do you have a business account that's just for your business transactions, or are they intermingled with your personal account?

    If it's a separate account, you can create a new budget and add the business account. If you change the date of the starting balance transaction, your transactions to that date will import. You will also need to adjust the amount of the starting balance.

    Direct Import will only provide historical transactions for a couple of months in the past, at most. If you need additional history, you might consider our File-Based Importing option. 

    Let me know if you have any questions about that! :)

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    • Faness Thank you for your response. I did a bunch of research yesterday and ultimately created two new budgets for myself and husbands businesses, then did a fresh start for our home budget which allowed me to delete the business accounts we no longer wanted to track there. We use QuickBooks for tax purposes so having the past transactions wasn’t an issue for us. Thank you again for your time. 

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  • Hi support team! Any chance there's new methods for doing this? I recently realized that I too want to separate my business from personal budgets (and have separate accounts for doing so) but would really love a more seamless way to simply start the new budget and 'extract' (so to speak) the business expenses from my personal budget. Is there any way other than a fresh start to do this? Could it be as simple as closing the business account and deleting all the transactions that were already inputted? I only started my budget earlier this month so it might not be too difficult.

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      Blue Tugboat I'm not the support team, but I think I can help you.  Since you just started your budget, your purposed method of deleting the transactions in your business account should work.  Do you know how to bulk delete?   Then you can close the business account in your personal budget and start a new business budget.  You should be able to import those recent transactions into your business account in your new business budget.  It's so nice to see how the business is doing with its own budget.  It helps me make so many decisions more clearly just looking at the business income and expenses.

    • Blue Tugboat Hey there! If your business account(s) is completely separate from your personal account(s), then you can definitely close that account in your personal budget and get started with a fresh new business budget! 

      The quickest way to do this in your existing budget is to reconcile the business account to zero and close it. Keep in mind, reconciling to zero will remove any available money in that account from Ready to Assign, so you may have to adjust available amounts to get Ready to Assign back to zero. Then you can hide any corresponding business categories (make sure there are no available funds left in them before hiding, too)!

      Deleting transactions, accounts, and categories can get a bit messy in a budget that's already rocking and rolling, but the "close it" and "hide" links above will provide additional guidance if you do choose to go the deletion route. Of course, let us know if you have questions along the way! 

    • Rachelle S This is what I ended up doing and my budget was young enough that it worked great. Thanks so much for your reply! 😊

    • Rachel Thanks for the quick reply YNAB team 😊 I ended up deciding that my budget was young enough to just 'delete' all the business transactions and categories but now that I know that in the future a more seamless / non-deletion process is:

      1. reconcile account to zero
      2. close account
      3. hide corresponding business categories

      Thanks again for these tips and links ❤️

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