Mortgage hit twice in a month

Hey! We are just over a month into using YNAB and are trying to figure it all out. For June, our mortgage hit the bank account on the 1st and then July's payment on June 31. Our June mortgage category is now negative one payment, and July will not ever show the transaction. What is the best way to reconcile this? We definitely did not have enough left over in "June" categories to reconcile. I am not familiar enough with the program yet to see how categories roll from month to month, but my brain wants everything in June to be $0.00 or green/orange for our goals. Thanks. 

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  • Assuming you mean June 30, you could:

    • Falsify the transaction date in YNAB so that it occurs on 7/1 instead of 6/30. Budget for the payment as you normally would in July.


    • Allow the June "Mortage" category to remain red (overspent) and YNAB will automatically deduct that overspending from your "Funds for July" balance. You don't need to budget any money in your "Mortage" category for July -- unless you expect another payment to hit on July 31?


    • Find some way to cover that extra payment within your June budget. I.e. move money from one or more categories into your "Mortgage" category (e.g. "Emergency Fund", "New Car", or any other large savings category you may have.)  In your July budget, you won't need to budget any money for your mortgage, so you could use that "extra" money replenish those categor(ies).

    The third option is probably the "most correct" -- it reflects the reality that you did cover your July mortgage payment with funds you had in June, and you go through the exercise of documenting exactly how you accomplished that.  (I.e. raided other categories.)  But it's a lot of extra work!  So you might prefer one of the alternatives.  Personal taste.

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  • Hi Alice Blue Screwdiver !

    This goes in line with Bret's third option, but you should cover the spending in June if you can. I know you mentioned not having it in your categories, but it's possible those funds are hiding from you (or so far separated it isn't easy to tell they're there).

    If your actual bank account didn't go into the negative after paying the mortgage, then those funds should be there (outside of any credit spending or a few other exceptions).

  • Yes there was still money. I think it all went into the mythical future budget so when Upped the budget line for mortgage, it just pulled it from the budgeted in future line in the budget breakdown. 

    I have no idea when or why the last inflow we got this week basically all went to future and didn’t add into June budget. So much to learn! 

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    • Alice Blue Screwdiver Once you start budgeting for a future month, it becomes a sort of "default". So even if you're still in the current month, if you budget in the future month, your income will go there first. :)

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      Alice Blue Screwdiver 

      Replies to date have focused on how to fix June, but it's worth some thought about how you want to handle the future.

      I have a similar situation to your mortgage with my health insurance.  It's automatically charged on the 1st of the month; but when the 1st falls on a weekend, sometimes it's charged the next Monday and sometimes it's charged the preceding Friday.  When it's charged the preceding Friday (as it was on June 30th this year), that puts 2 payments into the same budget month.

      What I do about it is, I budget for the health insurance that is due on the 1st in the preceding month.  Most months, I show $XXX from last month, $XXX budgeted, $XXX spent, $XXX remaining to carry forward.  For June, I show $XXX from last month, $XXX budgeted, 2 * $XXX spent, $0 remaining to carry forward to July.  But that's okay, because I'll budget $XXX again in July and it will be there regardless of whether the charge comes through on July 31 or August 1.

      If you can get far enough ahead to budget bills due on the 1st in the preceding month, little things like the automatic charge landing a day early become a non-event in the budget.

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