Doesn't look like a win, but it's a win!

I've been actually using (not just playing with) YNAB for a few weeks now and I've got to share with some other YNABers what I'm taking as wins.

Today, I noticed that my money has an age now. 4 days! It's not a big win, but I'm taking it as a win.

Also, my budget for June is negative $840.54 but that's also a win because a month ago, I was just flying by the seat of my pants wonder where my money went.

I've got a paycheque that's unavailable for budgeting until the 31st and it will cover that deficit. I've only budgeted for Immediate Obligations though. No true expenses. 😫

Another YNAB win for me today was an unbalanced budget solution. I had my wife's pay come in yesterday, plus we'd been spending money the last few days without logging it. I had the bank website, some receipts, and YNAB open when I (thought) I was done, YNAB and my bank had different numbers (I'm not auto loading my bank info yet). I subtracted my bank total(the higher of the two) from the YNAB ballance and discovered that I was missing something for $7.99. Just a quick scroll down on the bank transactions and BOOM! I found a PayPal transaction I knew about but hadn't entered. Another YNAB win!

I'm just being a YNAB Geek and being all excited about feeling on top of my money despite having limited money to work with. But that's okay! The ball is rolling and I'm feeling 100% better. I can feel the money stress starting to ease up!

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  • Lawrence

    I think those hidden YNAB wins are the best kind! They sneak up on you and once you realize how aware you are, how much more control you have over your finances and the actions you've taken to get there (no matter how small!) the momentum just keeps flowing! :)

    Good job coming this far! I hope June has even more wins in store for you! 

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