Problems connecting to Paypal

I'll add my "me too" to the login loop connecting to my paypal account.  I will volunteer the information that I do have two factor auth turned on on my account so it has to send me a text.  

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  • We're closing out Bank Importing threads in the forum to make sure these issues are better resolved.

    Replies in this thread have been turned off, but if you’re having trouble with your bank, please fill out this form and our Direct Import team will help you get things back up and running! 

  • Hi The Mad Phoenix ,

    Ack! I'm sorry you've run into this one. We're monitoring this situation and we'll have updates posted to our status page. In the meantime check out our File Based Importing feature as an alternative! I'm personally a big manual entry fan 😉 but the file-based importing feature can save time and your transactions will match just as they would with Direct Import.

    Let me know if you have any questions about that!


  • I can't get file based importing to work either. I exported my transactions from paypal in CSV format, but when I import them into YNAB, it says there's no data. I opened the file manually, and there's data there, so I don't know what's going on :(

    • Hi Aquamarine Beat !

      I took a look but I'm currently not seeing a PayPal connection listed in your budget. When you have a moment, can you try reconnecting that account? Even if the connection fails, having it listed in your budget will allow us to take a look at what's going on.

      When you receive that error with a CSV file, it means it's not formatted correctly in order to import. Importing CSV files is our last resort option, because there isn't an industry standard format, and they need to be formatted just right.

      Here's a 3-line example of how a CSV file needs to be formatted. The first line is the header, the second line is an example outflow, and the last line is an example inflow.

      07/23/16,Payee 1,Memo,100.00,
      07/24/16,Payee 2,Memo,,500.00

      You'll notice every field is separated by a comma so it's important that every field is present in each line, even if your transactions don't fill every field. Always include the "Date,Payee,Memo,Outflow,Inflow" header line at the very top. Any field can be left blank except the date.

      A fellow YNABer created this (unofficial) CSV converter which may help convert your CSV file from your bank into the format above. You're welcome to give it a try! We aren't able to support it if it doesn't work for your bank's particular format, though.

      Hopefully, we'll be able to get that import back up and running soon, but I hope formatting the CSV helps in the meantime! :)

    • Faness I can't even get PayPal to link to my account :(

      I'll try the converter. Thanks!

    • Aquamarine Beat We're more than happy to troubleshoot that connection if you want to provide me with a few more details about what happens when you try to connect! If you're happy with the converter that's fine too, I just wanted you to know you have the choice! :)

  • Add me to the "me too"  I have 2FA turned on also and as soon as I receive the text message with the code (2nd factor) YNAB tells me the connection failed - no opportunity to enter the 2nd factor.

    • Hi Steel Blue Barnacle !

      I took a look, but I'm not seeing a PayPal connection in your budget. When you have a moment, can you try re-adding that account? Even if the connection fails, having it listed in your budget will allow us to troubleshoot things on our end! :)

  • Was browsing for info on this too. Unable to link to PayPal.


    • Hi The Swartz !

      I took a look and I'm seeing a password error on that PayPal connection.

      Here are some things you can try that should help resolve this issue:

      — Check to make sure the URL you use to log into your online banking account matches the URL you see in YNAB.
      — Double check to make sure you're entering the correct credentials. If you’re using a password manager, try entering your login credentials in manually.
      — Log into your financial institution's online banking account, then immediately try reconnecting the account in YNAB.

      If you're still running into trouble, please let me know and we'll go from there! :)

      PS - I love your avatar (Urahara)!

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    • Faness Hey! yep ;) Thanks for checking!

      I deleted the entry I had and started over.

      I logged into

      Then went to YNAB and added a new linked account typing "paypal" which brings up as the URL.

      I logged in with exactly the same username and password I had just used on the PayPal website.

      It takes quite awhile "authenticating" and then gives an error, ya, I think something about the credentials.

      I'm curious, if it has something to do with having a security key (one time passwords sent via text to phone), so I turned that off.

      Then I tried logging in via YNAB and got a different error (something about being "blocked"?), went to and got a page when I logged on that I had to change my password and PIN due to "suspicious activity". So, I changed password.

      Went back to YNAB and logged in with the new password. Took a long while to authenticate again. BUT THIS TIME, I got an option to receive a PIN via text (which I thought I'd just turned off?). I chose the option to have it text to me (instead of phone called to me). Which, I received and entered it in. After a long authentication step -- it did this all over again, asking to send a PIN. -- again after a long authentication process, it did all of this a third time. I gave it a third go, without success, and stopped.

      If I get a moment, I'll update Security Key again, as I'd like to have that turned on anyway; and try to link 'again' to see if it happens to work.

      For what it's worth, I usually have problems getting PayPal to link with other aggregators. Sometimes, I just do the above (i.e. make multiple attempts) and it randomly will "just work". I rarely use this account, I can certainly manage without linking it. But, it's just odd that others are posting that they linked it OK..

      Don't know if any of that helps you guys for troubleshooting this kind of problem for others!


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    • The Swartz Thank you for sending over those details!

      In order to connect my PayPal account, I had to activate the pin code option. If you look at your settings, is the pin code option currently active? It's possible that toggling that setting could cause the connection to kick in. I'm going to report this to our Direct Import partner now, so they can start investigating - I'll send you a quick email with more details.

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  • I have been seeing weird goings-on with my PayPal account connections as well. A week or so ago, YNAB couldn't connect to my PayPal Business account. I went to log into that account and was required to reset my password due to "suspicious activity." I did that, entered the new login into YNAB, and the connection was immediately up and running again. Everything has been importing properly into that account, before and since the password reset.

    Meanwhile, this morning, I recorded an outflow of $110 from my personal PayPal account for a weekly expense that I always pay that way. Just now, YNAB tried to import that transaction - except it was trying to import it into my PayPal *Credit* account register. I checked on PayPal, and the payment definitely came out of my regular account. I have not actually used PayPal Credit for anything since starting YNAB.

    I rejected the import. Then I looked at my personal PayPal account register in YNAB. I have been manually entering all PayPal transactions and assuming that Direct Import was matching everything in due course - but when I went to reconcile, I realized that none of the transactions are marked cleared. No cleared transactions since I set up my budget and linked my accounts on October 1. That suggests to me that Direct Import is not actually importing anything from my personal PayPal account, even though when I hover about the check mark next to the account on the left, it tells me that the connection is good and the account was last updated three hours ago. But maybe I'm missing something? I don't currently use a PIN with my PayPal accounts, but the Business account is currently working fine.

    • Hi Olive Branch !

      You're right. The fact those transactions aren't cleared mean they weren't imported using direct import. Also, in the web app, you have to click on the Import button to pull those transactions in.

      Since those transactions have cleared your account but aren't available to import, try following these steps to remove the connection and re-link the account. Since the business account is working, only try this with the personal account.

      If you still aren't seeing transactions, let me know and we'll go from there! :)

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