Transfer data from nYNAB back to YNAB4

Hi,  does anyone know how to easiest transfer data from nYNAB back to YNAB4?

I have data in my present nYNAB budget from July 2016 and have my only credit card which I barely ever use and has always been paid in full set up as a credit card, not a checking account (which in hindsight I should have to avoid the new handling of cc).  

Is it at all possible to match the data from the nYNAB budget into my old YNAB4 budget (huge amount of transactions dating from 2011-2016)?

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    The "easy" way to do it is to export your budget from nYNAB to CSV format and then import that file into YNAB4.  There is a certain order the items have to follow in the CSV file, and I can't find the link to that on their support page.  YNAB support should be able to point you to it, though.   Then it's a matter of cleaning up that import which could take considerable time.

    It would be easier to simply do a fresh start in YNAB4 if you're dead set on it, but take it from someone who has tried - you'll just switch back to nYNAB again eventually anyway.

    • briefcase *sight*, yes maybe you are right about eventually going back to nYNAB. I so badly miss the YNAB4 multi month view, living on last months income, RAR and the possibility of forecasting, while I don't at all care for the new features of nYNAB.  Anyway, thanks for answering, I'll try your method and see if it's really worth putting effort into. 

    • Spring Unicorn Were you ever able to figure out how to edit the csv file to import your nynab budget back into ynab4?

  • Hi Spring Green Unicorn !

    Yes, you can export your transactions and budget in CSV format like this. (If your currency uses a comma instead of a decimal, it will export as TSV, or "tab separated" format.)

    All you need to do is click on the name of your budget in the upper left corner and choose the Export Budget option. There is one file with your budget information, and a second with the transactions from your register. Let me know if you have any questions!

    • Nicole Thanks a lot!

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