Finding duplicates / faulty bank importing

Hi folks - 

1 - Are there any automated ways of spotting duplicates?

2 - after having it working 100% for 3-4 months, importing my bank files is now resulting in duplicates appearing in budget. These are, without a good method, really, really hard to spot.

Huge thanks for advice or help

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  • Hi Tetsugaku ! I'd love to narrow things down, so we can get to the bottom of what's happening with those duplicate transactions.

    1. Do the duplicates transactions you're seeing have different dates?
    2. Are the duplicates one transaction you've entered, and one that you've imported with File-Based Importing
    3. What file type are you using to import?
    4. Are there duplicate transactions in the file you downloaded from your bank?
    5. Do you reconcile the account regularly?
    • Hey Tetsugaku ! I wanted to check in, so we can figure out what's going on with the duplicate transactions you mentioned with File-Based Import. When you have a chance, let me know and we'll continue!

  • I am suddenly having this exact same problem but it is with ALL of my accounts connected to auto import and has duplicated even previously reconciled transactions going all the way back to when I started with YNAB....

    I balanced and reconciled my budget yesterday morning, by last night I had 77 new transactions, this morning I have 90. The dates for each duplicated transaction are the same as its duplicate, but with 90 new transactions showing up as "new transactions to import, approve, or categorize." it is very disheartening while I am still in trial mode.

    This kind of FUBAR situation I would expect from a free program/service with limited support, but this is unacceptable in a paid service....

    • Hi Wizard !

      Sorry for the trouble! That's behavior we definitely don't expect or want to see. I sent you an email so we can gather a few more details and get this ironed out.

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