Confused by When to Start Oct Budget & This Payday

My husband and I just started using YNAB about six weeks ago.  I thought I finally understood making the budget until now that we're at the end of Sept. 

My husband's paydays are the 15th and last day of the month.  Since the 30th is on Monday, his direct deposit was already in the bank this morning (Saturday).  My husband likes to do the grocery shopping on Saturdays since he has more time than during the school week.  Technically the money is there, but I'm not sure where to start the new budget.  Do I start it now (9/28) but how does it go over for the rest of Oct until the 14th?  Or is it best to wait until 10/1?

Thank you so much for your help!!  I'm not trying to make this harder than it is.....or am I just overthinking it?


Donna C

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  • YNAB should reflect reality. If you spend the money on 9/28, it should be budgeted in September. Whatever is left in the category at the end of the month will roll over into October.

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  • What was he planning to do if he was actually paid on Monday the 30th? It seems like there should already be sufficient money to support a Saturday the 28th shopping trip. Either that, or he shouldn't be going shopping without moving money from elsewhere first.

    I put all of my final check into next month (even if it comes a few days early) because I actually have plans for ALL of it in next month. I don't WANT to use any this month, because that will leave me short next month. I refuse to play this "kick the can" game now that I've made some progress away from living paycheck-to-paycheck.

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