Write to scheduled transactions?

I have debt payment snowball spreadsheet in a Google Docs sheet that I am attempting to integrate with YNAB through the API and Google Apps script.

For each debt payment in YNAB I have a scheduled monthly transaction.

My goal is to have the scheduled transaction amounts updated automatically from the snowball spreadsheet when the spreadsheet is updated. Essentially adding a snowball debt payment tool to YNAB.

The roadblock I'm facing is the lack of a writeable API for scheduled transactions. Are there plans to allow this at some point?

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  • FiftyAndBroke , the API doesn't currently support writing scheduled transactions, but it's on the list!

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      • Brian Lehman
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      • seldumonde
      • 5 mths ago
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      George Just wanted to add my vote to get adding scheduled transactions on the API. It is the final piece that I need to complete the way I want to use YNAB.

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    • George Any progress on this?  

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    • FiftyAndBroke Sorry, no news on adding support for scheduled transactions. I'll be sure to post if/when it is scheduled.

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  • I would like to vote for this as well.  I have an app that I'm working on and when I pay bills for a given month, it's often a day or so before the next month...while I can update the category amount for the upcoming month, I can't put the transactions into the next month to match the categories. 

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    • Jaron Lofquist Noted!

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