how do i know if I've made existing transactions recurring?

I've found the Transaction panel - finally - and I've tried to make two (of the twenty-nine) recurring, but I can't work out if I've done it or not. 

What do I do/where do I look for that info? I'm not doing any more until I have a reply cos I don't want to undo them all!   LOL


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    You might want to look at the documentation, especially the start of the YouTube video on scheduled transactions:

    A reoccurring transaction will show up at the very top of the transaction list in gray text with a light gray background. The date will show the next time the transaction will occur. If you don't see anything there, double check that scheduled transactions are visible (click on "Filter" in the top right above your transaction list next to the search field, and make sure the "Scheduled Transactions" checkbox is checked).

  • Maroon Admiral Helen

    To make sure your transaction is set to be a recurring transaction, double click on the date. Underneath the calendar, there's a "Repeat" drop down menu. The option in that drop-down menu will tell you how often (if ever) the transaction will reoccur.

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    • Faness Thank you!!  That is the answer I've been searching for.  Definitely not intuitive!

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      Ivory Horse FYI, they're now called "repeating" transactions rather than "recurring".

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