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I have several transactions that I use Paypal for and they drop into a wide variety of categories in my budget. My problem is that YNAB "remembers" Paypal transactions as whatever the last charge I entered it as.

For example, I might use Paypal to buy an item from Etsy and to pay a subscription fee to Patreon. I'll enter those on my budget as they happen in the right categories, but when my bank catches up, instead of matching the transactions, it will create new transactions that are all named and categorized as whatever the last Paypal transaction I "approved" was, so I'll end up with 5 transactions that are named "spotify" and categorized as subscription fees even though they might actually be matches for transactions I've already entered in the dining out, clothing and other categories. I usually have to go into my Paypal account to parse out what each of them even are and sometimes I even miss them completely because it's hard to tell they're Paypal transactions at all.

I see value in the remembered transactions name/category function, but also it would be great if there was a way to turn it off because it often ends up throwing my budget out of whack. It's like clockwork every month - if my reconciliation is off somehow, it's almost always a Paypal transaction that has been mistakenly "remembered" into the wrong category. I thought of maybe just labeling them all as "Paypal" for a while and using the notes field, but it still doesn't address the wrong category problem.

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  • Maybe ask [email protected] to consider not auto-catergorising the payee PayPal, when they do the Direct Import.

  • Hey blondeambition !

    Question for you! Do you leave those transactions under the PayPal payee, or do you change them to Etsy and Patreon, or do you leave them as PayPal?

    In the web app, you can set rules for your different Payees. Click on the name of your budget in the upper left hand corner and select Payee Management. Try setting a Rule for PayPal, and let us know if you still have questions! :)

  • Is there a way to import the actual merchant from Paypal? I have this problem too. I use Paypal for many transactions and there's no detail in what is imported that tells me what it is. Is it possible for YNAB to grab a merchant or...anything that will make it so I don't have to open Paypal and match everything up all the time?

    • Pink Pegasus until then, you could immediately enter the transaction when the category is fresh in your mind. Seems like less work overall.

    • Pink Pegasus When you click on the Payee, then on Bank Import Details it's exactly what imported from the bank, or in this case PayPal. Do you see the merchant listed there? I do agree that entering is a great move here, and will match automatically with the imported version.

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