What happens to the Over budgeted amounts?

In December I over budgeted by about $500, so at the top it says -$500 to be budgeted. How does this factor into the next month, January? Does it that amount carry over into January leaving me with $500 less to be budgeted? Where does it say that?

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  • Yes, the over-budgeted will carry over to all future months until more income is received to offset it.

    Why are you overbudgeted? Rule 1 is to give every dollar a job. When you have negative TBB or you have overspent categories, then you have given your dollars more than one job. This should be corrected as it happens. Don't wait for more money to fix it.

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    • nolesrule I've been using YNAB for many years and if you remember back to the pre web based YNAB there was a section that showed "over-budgeted for (previous month)" section. I agree with you 100% that you shouldn't be waiting for money to fix this, but that information should be available.  It's simply confusing not to have it. 

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      Steel Blue Python The Funds for January number is a combination of the carryover TBB amount from December + income received in January.

  • Hi Steel Blue Python ,
    Thanks for letting us know you'd like to see a more obvious indicator of over-budgeting in a previous month. That's helpful for us to know and I've passed your request along to our design team. 

    nolesrule is correct that any over-budgeted amounts are included in the calculation for "Funds for [This Month]". Here's the overall list of what makes up that number: 

    - the amount leftover in To be Budgeted from last month

    - the amount Budgeted in Future from last month

    - all Inflow:To Be Budgeted transactions for the current month (including from Reconciliation Balance Adjustments)

    - any Starting Balance transactions with a date in the current month on cash accounts (not credit card accounts)

    - any positive credit card balances in the current month

    - any cash advances from a credit account to a cash account in the current month

    I'm going to go ahead mark your post as answered, but don't hesitate to tag me if you have any remaining questions! 

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