too much importing...?

Newbie here, I'll try not to be confusing: I started YNAB in early december, and set it up wrong twice (2 fresh starts), the last one, beginning Dec 17. Everything was on point until today, when YNAB mysteriously imported all transactions for Dec, prior to the 17th, and it's messed up my account balance (in YNAB). 


I'm thinking to just delete all transactions prior to the 17th, to keep everything in alignment. 


Basically it thinks I have an extra $600 to budget, and I know that's wrong, so if just just erase all those transactions, things should be right again. Right?

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  • Hi Aquamarine Yeti !

    That is definitely odd and shouldn't have happened! By chance, did you add any transactions dated before December 17th? If so, that will trigger YNAB to pull in transactions from that date instead of your Starting Date.

    If you want to keep things for December 17th, you can delete the transactions from before that date. After that, I suggest you reconcile the account. Once you reconcile, transactions from before the date you reconcile (so today, if you do it today), will no longer import.

    Let me know how things go!

  • Aquamarine Yeti ,
    I'm going to go ahead and mark your post as Answered, but please don't hesitate to tag Faness or myself if you have any lingering questions about this! :) 

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