Transactions Not Syncing From Mobile iOS App

Shortly after the announcement of support for Touch ID on iOS my wife and I started experiencing issues with transactions not syncing from the mobile app to the web-based app?

When I reported the issue I was asked to uninstall/reinstall the app, however the issue still presented itself. Here is a typical scenario.

  • Saturday 6/22 - Using the iOS app I entered $45.00 for gasoline while at the gas station and on cellular data. The app is allowed to use cellular data.
  • Monday 6/24 - While reconciling our account using our home WiFi the transaction for $45.00 was not present within the web-based app. I open the iOS app while on the same home WiFi. Next, I manually sync our account by pulling down the interface and the transaction will immediately appear on the web-based app.

My first thought was the touch id feature was causing contention with application background app refresh. So, I disabled the feature through the YNAB settings. I double checked  "background app refresh" and cellular data was enabled through iOS, however the issue still persist to date.

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  • HI HH Crew ! Thanks for those details! I see that you've wrote in about this, and already sent over those logs. I appreciate it! I've reached out via email, so we can look closer at what's going on there. 😄

  • I'm noticing the same issue between the Android and desktop apps.  Transactions I approved hours ago on my Android tablet had to be approved again on the desktop just now. 

    • Hi Olive Branch ! Thanks for reaching out! Can you try pulling down on the mobile app, to force a sync? Do you see the web app update? It is possible to make changes while offline,  and that will help there!

      If you still see the behavior, would you mind submitting a Bug Report? Our team will be happy to look closer at what's going on!

      • HH Crew
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      Olive Branch  Thank you for sharing your experience.

      Development has suggested that because I force quit the iOS app after entering the transaction it doesn't have time to synchronize. Although, one would think with "background app refresh" the app would do this behind the scene. I agreed to change my workflow and leave the app open after I enter a transaction to ensure synchronization and report any continue issues.

  • Hi all!

    To make sure your transactions are able to sync, we do recommend you leave the app open in the background instead of force closing. If you're seeing unusual behavior, please submit a Bug Report and we're happy to look closer!

    I wanted to pass along an article that talks about why it's not best practice to force quit (iOS) apps in general, in case you're interested! 😄

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