Today I was able to avoid a terrible mistake, thanks YNAB

Lately I've been wanting a new phone because my boyfriend needs one and I've been looking for one for him. But I have a spending bug like you wouldn't believe. On top of that I have bipolar disorder so I have made some terrible decisions with my finances thus far.


Well, two debt management programs and three months of YNAB later I am able to say I did NOT buy that thing I wanted but definitely do not need. And it really is all thanks to YNAB. 


This was the thought process:

- do I need it? 

- no but I want it and I deserve nice things especially because I just paid off my DMP

- can I afford it?

- not right now but maybe I can get it on payments through the phone company

- *peruse the website* no I don't like these phones, maybe I can get that cheap rugged phone I was looking at for Tom

- *doing the math* I can't buy it right now but maybe I can save up for it.

- *doing the math in my wish farm* ugh, it's going to take almost 2 years to save up. I guess I don't want it that badly. I should be focusing on paying off my credit card and my LOC. Oh well. 


NEVER in my LIFE have I been able to avoid an irresponsible purchase just by reasoning it out. Literally, I am typing this on the phone which was purchased as a result of an impulse buy two years ago when my boyfriend got his current phone. Thanks YNAB. This is a valuable skill go have.

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  • This is awesome!!! I love that you shared this with us––it's so good to have that deductive reasoning in your toolbelt.  I too have avoided many a wild shopping spree because YNAB reminded me that I have other goals to fund or debts to pay down! 🙌

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    • Melissa
    • Routinely questioning every assumption I have about my budget, my spending, and my savings habits.
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    Forest Green Jackal said:
    NEVER in my LIFE have I been able to avoid an irresponsible purchase just by reasoning it out.

    This is probably one of my favorite "side effects" of using YNAB! No other budgeting software or system I've used in the past really confronts this issue (in my opinion).

    Congrats on allowing yourself the time to think over your decision. It makes a huge, long-term difference to your finances.

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