Help .... budget to quit job.

Good evening,  I have a budget that works well but it is not set to my future plans.  So the short is I may lave my job soon and I want to set up a second budget based on my first to see where I would be.  currently I have things in the budget that could or will change completely and income streams that would change but about 75% of the old budget (mortgage, utility's, food, kids soccer, cable .....) will stay the same .   What is the best way to do a mock budge side by side of the real budget to see how short ill be. 


thanks tim

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  • Do a fresh start. You current budget will be named “NAME before fresh start” and when you go back to using it, you may want to rename it (or rename the fresh start budget as “practice budget.” 
    you can also export your budget data to excel and play with it there. 

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  • OK so I tried that and it "archived " my current budget.  How do I un-archive it?  I need to still use it as my primary budget.  I wanted to set up some test budgets using my current category's to test scenario's.   I did not want to replace it now....

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      tgpratt the only thing "archiving" does is change the name of the budget to help you tell the "old" one from the "new" one. You can change their names back to "My Budget" and "Test Budget" - or whatever you'd like to call them. 

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      tgpratt Yep, nothing to un-archive. Just open it. You can have as many budgets as you want.

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  • Perfect thanks..

  • Yeah, I also had some trouble with the same calculations, when I was quitting my job. Have you solved that and have you found a new workplace?

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