Option to search by memo AND export to file

So we would love more options to get itemized reports showing more detailed views of items perhaps categorized by memo and not just by category - for example we have done a remodel of our basement and would love a breakdown of each purchase per memo instead of the generic large lumped together category spent.  Is this possible?

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  • Turquoise Hail Hey there! Our current reports options won't allow you to break down spending by memo. You can submit a feature request directly to our product team about this here, though - they'd love to hear from you!  

    That said, I'm thinking our selected total feature might help you gather some of the data you're looking for! Here's a breakdown of what this might look like: 

    -Go to "All Accounts" 
    -Use the search function to pull up all of the transactions with the memo in question
    -Select all the applicable transactions

    Any transactions you select will be automatically totaled in the upper right-hand corner of the register. You can use this feature with any other search criteria (category, payee, flag, etc), too. I hope this helps! 

  • Thanks but with your workaround I would need to export to file to print is this possible?

    • Turquoise Hail Yes, that's right—or take a screenshot. There isn't currently a way to export a subset of transactions in YNAB, only all of them.

      Whenever I want to analyze my data in a way that goes beyond what YNAB supports natively, I do a full budget export, load the file in my spreadsheet app, delete the transactions I'm not interested in, and report on the rest!

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